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A Nature Lover’s Guide To Lord Howe Island: 10 Of Its Best Hikes & Scenic Views

Australia’s Lord Howe Island is packed with scenic views, and the best way to discover them is by hiking the island’s breathtaking trails!

A beautiful, sunny day over Lord Howe Island in Australia, showing Lagoon Beach and its aqua blue coral waters.

The breathtaking natural grandeur of Lord Howe Island is one of the many incredible Australian destinations and includes its renowned Twin Peaks, rare plants and animals, and vibrant coral reefs. Hiking, snorkeling, and diving are the best ways to fully enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Island. This paradisiac island offers some of the best beaches in Australia, especially for a summer vacation, and is only a two-hour flight from Australia’s east shore. Moreover, it is so unique that it only holds 400 visitors at a time. Here is a list of the ten best hikes and scenic views not to be missed on Lord Howe Island – a destination home to some of the most beautiful hikes in Australia.

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10 Walk The Max Nichols Memorial Hiking Trail To North Bay

This Lord Howe Island hiking trail is not considered to be difficult. The path travels through a cleared field before winding up to the magnificent summit. The stairs make the climb easier, and the scenic view surrounding the hikers is worth seeing it. Then, the hiking trail descends significantly to the picnic spot at north bay, which has restrooms and a barbecue. Returning can be done via the same path or by taking the trail to Malabar and continuing to Ned’s Beach from the Dawsons Point Ridge intersection.

  • Hiking trail length:
    1.5 Km (0.93 miles)

9 Hike To The Summit Of Mount Eliza

The wonderful Mt. Eliza’s walk begins at the north bay picnic spot ascending to the mountain’s 147-meter (3.28 feet) summit. The hiking trail is extremely stony and narrow. Sooty terns build their nests on the summit and along the path from September to March. To safeguard the birds and their young, the trail on Lord Howe Island is closed to the general public during this time.

  • Hiking trail length:
    0.6 km (0.37 miles)

8 Walk Old Gulch Hiking Trail

This trail is a simple and one-way route that loops past the island’s northernmost point and is accessible without a guide. It is mostly along a timber boardwalk. For how brief it is, it has a surprising diversity of flora, fauna, and terrain, as well as breathtaking views from many locations. It also makes a few pauses at beaches that are excellent for swimming or for resting and contemplating the beauty of the area.

  • Hiking trail length:
    0.3 km (0.18 miles)

7 Hike From Malabar Hill To Dawsons Point Ridge

The Malabar hiking trail begins at Ned’s Beach. There, hikers can hike up a grassy, open slope to Pooles Lookout, where scenic landscapes of Lord Howe Island are waiting for them. The trail ascends 208 meters (682.41 miles) to the summit of Malabar Hill from the lookout. The slope of this climb is reasonably moderate and is broken up by tree roots and rocks. The track then continues along the cliff edge to Dawsons Point Ridge.

  • Hiking trail length:
    1.5 km (0.93 miles)

6 Take In The Splendid Views At Ned’s Beach

Even though Ned’s Beach is not a hike per se, this list of must-see sights on the island would not be complete without mentioning it! The Shallows, a Hollywood blockbuster starring Blake Lively, was filmed on the shore of the island. Lord Howe Island visitors can stroll along the splendid coast. Additionally, Ned’s Beach is a fantastic spot to snorkel with sea turtles, Galapagos sharks, and kingfish!

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5 Get The Best Sunset View On Kim’s Lookout Hiking Trail

Kim’s lookout is one of the most beautiful short hikes on Lord Howe Island because it provides one of the finest vantage points for viewing the entire island and Mount Gower in the distance. This trail circles the island’s northernmost point and is accessible without a guide. It is recommended to walk up to the lookout for the best sunset views on the entire island.

4 Climb The Iconic Mount Gower Track

The Gower hike is considered Lord Howe’s most difficult track. Some parts of the hike are not for the faint of heart because hikers must climb using ropes that are connected to the steep, slick path. They may also come across some of the most distinctive wildlife and plants on the island along the route, in addition to breathtaking 360-degree views of the island, the sea, and Ball’s Pyramid once at the summit.

  • Hiking trail length:
    1689 m (5541.3 feet)

  • Duration:
    An average of 7 hours and 26 minutes

3 Explore The Transit Hill, Clear Place Point, And Valley Of The Shadows Trail

This trail is thought of as being simple. This out-and-back route starts and ends at Bowker Avenue’s terminus. This Lord Howe track is excellent for hikers, walkers, or runners. The Valley of the Shadows Lookout, The Clear Place Lookout, and Transit Hill Peak are a few of the trail’s scenic highlights.

  • Hiking trail length:
    5 km (3.10 miles)

  • Duration:
    1 hour and 33 minutes

This loop is generally regarded as difficult. Hikers shall get ready for a hard walk through a mesmerizing wet rainforest. This trail with significant elevation links three places of interest: The birdwatcher’s utopia of Muttonbird Point, Intermediate Hill with its spectacular views, and Goat House Cave, a sizable volcanic cliff overhang with views of the island, and Ball’s Pyramid.

  • Hiking trail length:
    8.7 km (5.40 miles)

  • Duration:
    An average of 4 hours, and 54 minutes

1 Head Out On The Stevens Reserve Hiking Trail

The Stevens Reserve hiking trail is regarded as simple. The island visitors will not likely run into many other people while exploring this track, which is excellent for birding, walking, and hiking. The island trail is excellent to explore all year round. Hikers can travel through a lush rainforest dotted with Kentia palms and Banyan trees, which examines a lovely area of the Lord Howe Island Permanent Park Preserve.

  • Hiking trail length:
    1.3 km (0.80 miles)

  • Duration:
    17 minutes