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AmaWaterways launches Australian operations at Sydney office with panoramic Harbour views – Travel Weekly

AmaWaterways’ US-based co-owner Gary Murphy and managing director AU/NZ Steve Richards have launched its Australian-based operations with the opening of a new 30th floor office with panoramic views over Sydney Harbour.

But the guest of honour was cruise veteran and Virtuso travel agent Barbara from Bondi who was responsible for the first local AmaWaterways booking, ever, in Australia.

The proceeding started with drinks and an introduction to the Australian team who flew in from across country to celebrate the launch of the prestige line that, until recently, had sales managed by long-term partners APT.

AmaWaterways’ co-owner Murphy said the opening of an office in the heart of Sydney was a “magical moment”.

“You talk about marking time in your life. What is life like? Memory stitched together by forgotten time, right. So, this is a moment that will always get captured.”

Murphy, the son of Irish immigrants, said the AmaWaterways story is a humble one.

“Optimism and opportunity? You put them together and you can create wonderful things,” he said.

“It’s important for all of us at Ama, not only should the clients enjoy their vacation time, but also that we all enjoy working together. And I get that feeling here.”

AmaWaterways opened its Sydney office with co-owner Gary Murphy (centre) cutting the ribbon.

He was also generous about the split APT and the founding McGeary family who had been long-term family friends.

“We have a wonderful relationship with them but it’s also great to see how their company has grown and how our company has grown and through natural progression sometimes you go your own ways. It’s just the way how the world turns in business works,” he said.

Meanwhile, former South African Barbara found out through the Aussie accent on the other end of the phone that AmaWaterways had a local sales office on the day it opened. Her client wanted to book a back-to-back cruise in a suite and she suggested AmaWaterways.

“What’s so beautiful is you guys (AmaWaterways staff) are so beautiful to deal with, we are the same people,” Barbara said.

The first phone call to be received by the new office was from Barbara – a 38-year, 60-plus itinerary cruiser who has stepped foot in about 108 countries – and it was officially the first booking.

“We don’t sell from a brochure, we sell from experience,” she said.