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American quarterback’s elbow photo breaks internet

The internet couldn’t cope after an old picture of quarterback Jayden Daniels’ elbow was widely shared online.

Wednesday was LSU’s pro day at the team’s practice facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with a number of NFL teams on hand to see Daniels throw as they prepare for April’s draft.

The reigning Heisman Award winner had a good showing, but the attention online was focused on a photo of the QB posted by NFL insider Ian Rapoport as part of an update about teams planning to meet with the potential top-three pick.

The image — a USA TODAY Sports photo from the Nov. 4, 2023, LSU game against Alabama — featured Daniels throwing the ball with what appeared to be a bulging sac on his elbow, leading users on X to wonder why his arm looked so odd or if it had been a bad editing or AI job, the New York Post reported.

“He needs a new elbow,” one user on X wrote.

“Why is this picture terrifying,” another person joked.

“This photo looks photoshopped… good lord his arm…” someone else chimed in.

Other people questioned why Rapoprt selected that particular photo to accompany the news.

“Dis the pic u had to use?” someone questioned.

“We using AI pictures now Ian?” another user asked.

If anyone had concerns that the oddity was a sign of a larger issue with Daniels, sports medicine physician Dr. Jesse Morse with The Osteopathic Center chimed in on social media to add context about the image.

“Jayden Daniels appears to be dealing with olecranon bursitis of his right throwing elbow,” he wrote. “This is an inflammation of the bursa, which is a sac that is usually empty and is there to protect the bone underneath. We have them in several joints including the elbow and the knee.”

He added: “These are VERY common, and more annoying than concerning. As long as they are not infected.”

Daniels’ elbow was not visible during his pro day on Wednesday, with the NFL prospect wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt with LSU teammate Greg Brook Jr.’s name and number on it to honour him after he missed a majority of his senior season after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in September, ESPN reported. Daniels thew passes with reps from all 32 NFL teams in attendance.

This story first appeared in the New York Post and was republished with permission.