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Aotearoa’s Islamic community vigilant after Australian ‘terror’ church stabbing

Police officers and their vehicles can be seen outside the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Sydney’s western suburb of Wakeley on 16 April 16, 2024.

The Federation of Islamic Associations has advised the community to be vigilant after an attack at a church in Australia earlier this week.

A bishop at the Assyrian Orthodox Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Sydney was stabbed during a service on Monday night.

In an update while recovering in hospital, bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel said he forgave his attacker.

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested over the attack and charged with terrorism.

Spokesperson for the Federation of Islamic Associations Abdur Razzaq said they had not received any direct threats – they were just being careful.

Abdur Razzaq speaking on behalf of the Federation of Islamic Associations at the coronial scope hearing on the Christchurch terror attacks.

Abdur Razzaq.
Photo: Supplied

“It’s a precautionary advisory that we’ve sent to our community, particularly the Islamic centres, and also the trusts all over the country, just to be a bit cautious given what happened in Australia,” he said. “It’s just being a bit careful, that’s all.”

Razzaq said they had let authorities know about the advisory.

The message sent out to the community was seen by RNZ. It suggested people be vigilant and take appropriate security precautions, considering the recent events in Australia.

It also told recipients to call 111 immediately if they or their community members had any concerns.

Razzaq said they condemn the violence of this week’s attack.

“Like anybody else, we really abhor [and] condemn that kind of violence, of course, anywhere, and to anybody,” he said. “We’re just a bit aware, that’s all.”