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Aquarius Daily Horoscope

June 9, 2024

While you don’t have to keep track of every cent, you should know how much you’re spending and on what. Desirous Venus in your joy sector moves into a tense square with strict Saturn in your fiscal zone on Saturday, prompting you to stop the bleeding in your budget. Twelve dollars for an iced coffee, almond croissant and tip, 25 dollars for lunch at an “affordable” takeout spot near work and 70 for dinner with your crew…followed by a Lyft home? Ouch! Unless you’re cool with taking money out of your savings account to cover bills this month, it’s time to plug the leaks. Your presence is requested at Water Bearer Central on Sunday as doer Mars downshifts into Taurus and your domestic quarters after revving up your outgoing communication camp since April 30. Fold those butterfly wings and come in for a soft, cozy landing. Hang out on the home front between now and July 20 and get busy redecorating, cooking, working remotely or just kicking back with your inner circle enjoying your private sanctuary.

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