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Aussie mum of six says she pays $190k rent in Bali

An Australian mum of six who lives in Bali says she pays double the average Aussie income in rent – which would be about $190,000 a year.

Kiki McGrath, a life coach, and her husband, a copywriter, moved from Perth to the popular Indonesian island earlier this year.

She has documented her family’s experience on social media from the start and often answers people’s burning questions about life in Bali.

On Monday, she addressed how much she pays for rent – and it was shocking.

“We’re a family of six who moved from Perth to Bali. Every single day someone sends me a message or leaves a comment somewhere saying ‘tell me how much, tell me how much it cost you, just give me a ballpark figure’ … or ‘tell me how much your rent is,’” she said in a video on TikTok. “Our rent is probably double the average Australian income per year in Bali.”

Ms McGrath, who describes herself as “the queen of rich hot fun mums” on her website, captioned the video: “If you’re asking me you can’t afford it.”

The average earnings for full-time adults in Australia is about $95,500, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Many Aussies were surprised given Bali is known for being a cheap holiday destination.

“I thought it would be cheaper in Bali – guessing why people are curious. That’s a lot of money to pay each year for someone else’s mortgage,” one person wrote.

“I usually get a beautiful three bedroom villa for $300 per night. So I’m guessing your renting a nice villa for a family of six,” said another traveller.

Others were taken aback by the video, criticising Ms McGrath as being “rude” and “boastful”.

“I’m embarrassed for you – to put this video on the internet is very odd,” one wrote.

“I used to LOVE following you and your videos as I thought you were humble. Now I think you are just stuck up. Very sad,” wrote a follower.

“Wow what an empathetic and humble response. Get a grip,” said another.

Ms McGrath responded: “Should I be humble to you? I have never talked about cheap living in Bali ever.”

Another TikTok user accused Ms McGrath of being “full of it” in saying she paid about $180,000 annually in rent.

“Full of what? Your happiness in Australia? Do you feel triggered by those who earn more than you?” Ms McGrath wrote.

Another person said: “Wow you put your life up on TikTok and then get narky when people ask a valid question”.

“I’m not narky at all,” she defended herself. “I’m telling the answer. And it still makes people upset.”

In previous videos, Ms McGrath has spoken of having staff, including a housekeeper.

In a separate clip on Monday she shared what it was like grocery shopping at the supermarket in Bali, where she said she spent about $700 a week.

She said unlike shopping at Coles and Woolworths, products were never on sale, but the meat was cheaper. She said she could buy a whole chicken for about $4.

The courses for mums available on Ms McGrath’s website range from $99 to $555.

The “Rich, Hot, Fun Mama Mastermind” course costs $555 a month and is “for the mama who is searching for a safe space to share her dreams and build them”.