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Australian Fashion Week Is In Full Swing & There’s Already Drama Ft. Influencers & MAFS Stars

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Australian Fashion Week 2024 is in full swing and naturally, with all the celebs and influencers buzzing about, there’s already drama kicking off.

It’s only Day Two of this year’s proceedings and already there’s some piping hot tea going around.

In fact, there was piping hot tea being spilled before the shows even kicked off!

Last week, word got out that a “select group” of 2024 MAFS stars had been barred from Australian Fashion Week 2024.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the source claimed that controversial couple Tori Adams and Jack ‘Jacob’ Dunkley were among the blacklisted MAFS stars.

Not you <3 (Credit: MAFS)

Apparently designers want “nothing to do with fame-hungry MAFS stars desperate to be seen at fashion week.”

“You won’t see the likes of Tori and Jack front row at any of our shows,” the source spilled.

Other blacklisted stars include Ben Walters, Ellie Dix, Jonathan McCullough and Collin Christians.

“This year’s cast have really struggled to gain any traction and it’s such a massive gamble to bank on any of them to be honest,” the source added.

As for the contestants who are making an appearance, the source said you can expect Eden HarperLauren Dunn and Sara Mesa to all be in attendance.

Speaking of MAFS! Former bride Domenica Calarco is in some hot water over comments she and fellow ex bride Ella Ding made on their Sit With Us podcast.

ICYMI: the gals have been called out by scores of listeners for defending Jack ‘Jacob’ Dunkley’s infamous “muzzle” comment while interviewing him on their pod.

One such listener was none other than Abbie Chatfield who slammed the gals in a TikTok comment, then again on her podcast which dropped just before an Australian Fashion Week show.

Calarco took to TikTok to share that she had been crying prior to the show and her followers have speculated that it was likely over Chatfield’s pod based on the time it dropped.

“Crying one moment, Fashion Week the next,” she wrote.

“Is this after seeing Abbie Chatfield’s podcast?” one follower asked.

“I hope your not taking this heat alone, you were not alone in this interview…. We all fuck up, it’s more about learning from those mistakes and realising what paths you should and shouldn’t take,” another person wrote.

“And still no accountability or self reflection,” wrote another.

“It’s giving poor me,” another added.

Now, onto the next spot of drama which, whataya know, involves another MAFS star who made it onto the invite list!

In a video shared to Daily Mail Australia, ex bride Carolina Santos said: “What the fuck is that? Does Jamie [Azzopardi] think he is at the Met Gala or something? Why are people holding [their] clothes?”

It’s worth noting that Jamie goes by they/them pronouns so Carolina should definitely apologise for misgendering them… and probably for her shady comment about their look, too.

A low blow from Carolina Santos. (Credit: Instagram)

And the final spot of tea (for now) is that poor proud mum Jessica Rowe was sat in the back row while her daughter Allegra, 17, walked her first runway show.

Um, the absolute DISRESPECT of it all — queen Jess deserved FRONT ROW seating, damn it! What a travesty. An affront. A crime against humanity!

Anyway, that’s all for now — check back in a coupla days, I’m sure more Australian Fashion Week drama will arise as the shows carry on.

Image credit: Daily Mail Australia / TikTok