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Australian Fashion Week Welcomes Stanley with Wellcom | LBBOnline

Stanley hit the Aussie market in September 2023 and has been seen in the hands of fashion and cultural icons alike. It is small wonder then, that Stanley is the hydration sponsor of Australian Fashion Week 2024.  


AFW is a destination at the forefront of shaping culture, trends, and the evolution of Australian fashion. Creative production agency, Wellcom Sydney, won the Stanley business as agency Of record in October last year and has developed the Stanley brand campaign for AFW. 


Wellcom general manager, Marnie Darren, said “The clothes we wear tell our stories and Stanley is an icon brand that has been embraced as a fashion accessory. The campaign is a demonstration of the effortless way the Stanley brand fits in fashion.” 


Wellcom creative lead, Peter Citroni, said “Stanley’s partnership with AFW gave us the opportunity to play with the product in a different context – bringing Stanley and fashion together. Everyone gets thirsty, it’s a bit of fun.” 

Stanley brand manager, James Cowling, said “The AFW Sponsorship is a natural fit with our brand. The fashion audience is a great reflection of our society’s cultural diversity. For an iconic brand like Stanley and in a multicultural nation like Australia, we want Stanley to stand alongside events and moments that represent the rich tapestry of cultures.” 


The AFW Stanley campaign can be seen on socials, OOH and on the runway at the Carriage Works event week commencing 13th May.