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Australian Olympics team, squad, athletes: Who is making the trip to Paris in 2024? | Sporting News Australia

Paris will host this year’s Olympic Games in what is set to be an eventful fortnight.

While the majority of the Australian team for 2024 is yet to be revealed, a handful of athletes have already secured their tickets to France.

The upcoming sporting spectacle will take place from July 26 to August 11. 

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Olympics 2024: Who is in Team Australia for Paris?

Last updated April 11 (via olympics.com.au).


  • Caitlin Parker (Boxing)
  • Callum Peters (Boxing)
  • Charlie Senior (Boxing)
  • Harry Garside (Boxing)
  • Marissa Williamson Pohlman (Boxing)
  • Monique Suraci (Boxing)
  • Shannan Davey (Boxing)
  • Teremoana Teremoana (Boxing)
  • Tiana Echegaray (Boxing)
  • Tina Rahimi (Boxing)
  • Tyla McDonald (Boxing)
  • Yusuf Chofia (Boxing)


  • Jeff Dunne (Breaking)
  • Rachael Gunn (Breaking)

Canoe Slalom/Canoe Sprint

  • Jessica Fox (Canoe, Canoe – Slalom)
  • Tim Anderson (Canoe, Canoe – Slalom)
  • Tristan Carter (Canoe, Canoe – Slalom)
  • Ally Clark (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Aly Bull (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Alyce Wood (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Ella Beere (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Jackson Collins (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Jean van der Westhuyzen (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Noah Havard (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Pierre van der Westhuyzen (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Riley Fitzsimmons (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Thomas Green (Canoe, Canoe – Sprint)
  • Yale Steinepreis (Kayaking, Canoe – Sprint)


  • Breiana Whitehead (Sailing, Kite Foil Racing)
  • Evie Haseldine (Sailing, 49ERFX)
  • Grae Morris (Sailing, Windsurfing)
  • Jim Colley (Sailing, 49ER)
  • Matt Wearn (Sailing, ILCA7)
  • Olivia Price (Sailing, 49ERFX)
  • Shaun Connor (Sailing, 49ER)

Sport Climbing

  • Campbell Harrison (Sport Climbing)
  • Oceania Mackenzie (Sport Climbing)


  • Chelsea Gubecka (Aquatics, Marathon Swimming)
  • Kyle Lee (Aquatics, Marathon Swimming)
  • Moesha Johnson (Aquatics, Swimming)
  • Nicholas Sloman (Aquatics, Marathon Swimming)

How many athletes are in Team Australia?

So far, 41 athletes have been selected to represent Australia at the Paris Olympics.

At the last Games in Tokyo, 486 Aussies competed – the most since Sydney 2000.

Who is Australia’s flag bearer for the 2024 Olympic Games?

This year’s flag bearers are yet to be confirmed.

Swimmer Cate Campbell and basketball player Patty Mills received the honour in 2020.