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Australian TV presenter shares upbeat news amid family cancer battle

TV personality Catriona Rowntree has shared a health update on her older sister, who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer.

She shared that her sister Lucinda was responding well to chemotherapy and that doctors were happy with her progress.

Rowntree first announced her sister’s stage 4 diagnosis in April 2023.

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“Lucinda is doing well. Very tired as she nears the end of her chemo, but the doctors are happy and results will be in this week,” she told the Herald Sun.

“Her daughter Katie just got engaged and her other daughter Georgia has been asked by Blue Illusion to be in a shoot with my mum celebrating three generations of women.”

“Lots to look forward to … and live for.”

TV presenter Catriona Rowntree. Credit: Instagram/Catriona Rowntree

Rowntree first shared the news in April 2023, celebrating her big sister’s birthday at the same time as announcing the sad news.

“A bit of a personal post for me,” she wrote at the time.

“Today is my big sister Lucinda’s birthday, Lucinda is a true gem.”

Rowntree went on to talk about the qualities she loved in her sister, including her smile and a laugh that “warms everyone’s hearts”.

Catriona Rowntree, her sister Lucinda and family. Credit: Instagram/Catriona Rowntree

“We have recently found out that Lucinda has stage 4 cancer, which is apparently incurable,” she wrote.

“I’m trying so hard to choose my words carefully here, other than to say a lot of tears have been shed, BUT Lucinda is fighting and positive.

“We all are. She has started chemo (sheer hell) and immunotherapy (our bright light) at Royal North Shore Hospital.

“Lucinda is now unable to work as she commits to the fight of her life.”

A photograph of Catriona Rowntree’s sister Lucinda shared on GoFundMe. Credit: GoFundMe/Lucinda Wunderlich

Rowntree said her sister’s friends had started up a GoFundMe to “ease the household stress”.

“Lucinda is the first to be placed on a new medical trial, that may one day help a loved one of yours,” Rowntree wrote.

“So, if you’d like to donate, thank you, trust me when I say to live your life to the absolute max, none of us know what each moment holds for us and please say a little prayer for Lucinda tonight.

“Thank you.”

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