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Blue Hills Golf Club adds new technology to its driving range

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) – There is new technology helping golfers in the Roanoke Valley get a better perspective on their swing.

A quick visit to Blue Hills Golf Club in Roanoke County and you will find golfers like Kyle Lograsso practicing on the range.

“My miss is on the heel, but since the camera’s been out, I’ve hit every single one in the middle, so that’s nice,” he said.

Lograsso was focused on the feel and rhythm of his swing, but golfers who visit Blue Hills can now collect more data with each shot.

Blue Hills installed Toptracer technology that uses cameras to track your golf ball. All you have to do is download the free app and buy a bucket of balls to start seeing how your shot flies.

“Everybody wants to get numbers for everything. So for golf, that’s kind of hard to get, and now you get the chance to get numbers for every shot you hit,” Blue Hills PGA General Manager John Steffen said.

Visitors might recognize the Troptracer technology because it is the same system used at Top Golf driving ranges.

“So right now, from Charlotte to Pinehurst, out almost to Richmond, we are unique in that we’re the only place that has it in a several-hour drive radius. We’re real excited about it,” Steffen said.

The information can help golfers check their ball speed and flight, or they can challenge themselves to a fun virtual game.

“There’s practice sessions where you can get out here and instead of just blindly banging through 50-some-odd golf balls, you can actually have a purpose to each shot and have an intention behind your practice session,” Steffen said.

Cory Toler had his own game plan when he hit the mat.

“Today I am just trying to get all the ranges for each club,” he said.

He downloaded the Toptracer app and said it helps him get a better look at where his ball is flying.

“I can guestimate. But it’s cool to have actual direct feedback of how far each club is putting my ball,” Toler said.

So far the response has been a hit and Blue Hills is prepared to see a growing demand for a bucket of balls this season.

“So we do have double the amount of bays coming. And we also are adding lights in the next week or two. so people can stretch out their practice a little bit,” Steffen said.

Blue Hills is also adding a bigger ball-dispensing machine and will have a second range cart to keep buckets full.

“So we’re thinking ahead. And again, if we have to have a bigger boat, we’re happy to build it. That’s a neat problem to have,” Steffen said.

The course is also considering ways to keep wait times to a minimum for people looking to warm up before a round. Steffen said they plan to keep a few of its driving range bays reserved for people with tee times.