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Brazil is introducing a new Visitor Visa in 2025, here’s what you need to know

Travellers from Australia, the US and Canada will need to obtain pre-travel clearance.

Brazil has announced the date that its new Visitor Visa program will launch. From April 10, 2025, citizens from Australia, Canada and the US will need a visa to enter the country. Those travelling for tourism or cruise travel can apply for an Electronic Visitor Visa online rather than the Visitor Visa, which costs more and requires more paperwork. An Electronic Visitor Visa only requires you to submit your passport and photo. 

The new visa will cost $80.90 (USD) and will be valid for 10 years and across multiple entries. Stays are limited to 90 days per year. And the reason for obtaining such a visa can be for leisure or business. Part of the application will require visitors to provide additional information, including a letter of intent that details the dates and purpose of the trip, as well as confirmed details of where you’ll be staying. Proof of citizenship in Australia will need to also be provided as well as return tickets to/from Brazil and proof of income. 

When it comes to proof of income pay slips, bank statements and credit card statements from the last 90 days need to be provided. Each of the documents must contain your name and the date. Visitors will also need to show that they have an average of at least $2000 (USD) in their bank account. If you’re unable to meet the requirements you will need to get a sponsor to sign for you. 

While the visa may cost more and requires a more complicated process to obtain, those keen to head to Brazil for an extended holiday can now do so and for a whole decade. Short term pain, long term gain. 

For more information, visit gov.br

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