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Carla Zampatti makes triumphant return to Australia Fashion Week

Last night, Carla Zampatti aptly made a triumphant return to Australian Fashion Week on the very runway that was named for the late fashion legend.

The Resort ‘25 collection’s motif was ‘Dinistia’ – a fitting message as Carla’s son, Alex Schuman, now stands at the helm of the brand. 

Not only is ‘Dinastia’ a nod to the label’s Italian roots – which underpins everything from ethos to silhouettes – but it also staunchly reasserts that like any dynasty, the Carla Zampatti brand is an enduring mainstay in the Australian fashion landscape.

Carla Zampatti has made a triumphant return to Australia Fashion Week

‘Dinastia’ is a daring and intrepid theme to commit to, and it’s one that for any other brand would feel incongruous. But for Carla Zampatti, it makes utter sense.

Such a momentous occasion called for an equally eminent crowd. The show saw a slew of powerful women such as Quentin Bryce, the former Governor-General, who wore a chic all-black look. 

Julie Bishop, who commanded attention in an eye-catching red gown, sat with Bianca Spender, Carla’s daughter and prominent designer in her own right.

Julie Bishop looked eye-catching in red.

Sharp, structured silhouettes in militant greens and elegant blacks were harmonised with dreamy, flowy chiffon pieces in emerald greens and fresh neutrals.

Carla Zampatti’s creative director Karlie Ungar, also took great delight playing with luminous and ethereal textures from iridescent feathered coats to billowing chiffon capes.

The label also put an undeniably Carla Zampatti spin on the sheer clothes trend with a range of translucent skirts and jackets in ivory and periwinkle.

Mixing the timeless elegance of the brand with palatable modern looks has been a delicate balance that both Alex Schuman and Karlie Ungar have pulled off triumphantly. As they walked hand-in-hand at the conclusion of the runway, it’s clear that the second phase of the Carla Zampatti dynasty is only just dawning.