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CIT launches checkout-free store

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology uses AI to determine what shoppers take or return to shelves.

CIT Bruce has launched a new campus convenience store, YalaPlus, enabled by Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

The Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) is the first education institution in the southern hemisphere to use the technology.

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology uses AI to determine what shoppers take or return to shelves.

Computer vision and deep learning techniques simplify the shopping experience by removing checkout lines, helping students get in and out quickly.

The technology uses synthetic datasets that mimic millions of realistic shopping scenarios to ensure accuracy in virtually any environment.

Professional services company Cognizant helped provide the solution integration to ensure seamless payment options for students.

At YalaPlus, students enter the store using their credit card or mobile wallet at the entry gate.

Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology then detects what they take from or return to the shelves and creates a virtual shopping session.

When students complete their shopping, they can leave the store without waiting in line, and their credit card is charged for the items they take.

CIT Student Association chief executive officer Andrew Scotford said the innovative stores would create an improved and more flexible student experience.

“Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology will benefit all students, especially those studying outside of regular business hours,” he said.

“Many CIT students are balancing work, study and training, so flexibility and accessibility are important to them.

“There are also 48 students who live on the CIT Bruce Campus that don’t have easy access to nearby shopping. YalaPlus now offers convenient access to products such as food, beverages and other essential items.”

CIT interim chief executive officer Christine Robertson says the Institute, now in its 95th year, is entering an exciting era of progress.

“CIT will open a new state-of-the-art, digitally connected Woden CIT campus in 2025, but innovation doesn’t wait. We’re committed to uplifting our existing facilities and experiences for students and staff,” she said.

The Student Association also plans to open two more stores at CIT campuses, at Fyshwick and at Bruce, in early 2024.

Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium is home to two other locations using this technology in Australia.

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