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‘Clever’ trick to always get a discount

Let’s face it, who has time to wait for something to go on sale these days?

Things are expensive enough as it is (have you seen the price of shredded cheese? Ridiculous!), plus who wants to pay full price when there are savvy ways you can pick up that pair of headphones you’ve been eyeing off at a discounted price.

At news.com.au’s new shopping destination, news.com.au checkout, we’re all about helping you buy better by rounding up the latest product information and sales news.

But we’ve also discovered lots of clever tricks to score discounts while online shopping even when there are no official sales.

They’ve all been tried and (successfully) tested by news.com.au checkout’s team of expert shopping writers, who also happen to love nothing more than a bargain.

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Don’t be afraid to abandon cart

If you’re shopping for an item you want — but not quite enough to pay full price — I use this tactic that has about a 70 per cent success rate.

Add the products you want to cart, checkout with all your details but then exit out of your browser at the payment stage.

And then wait — because the retailer has your email, they’ll send you a message letting you know you haven’t completed your purchase. Then they will send another follow-up email after that and then another, which will usually include a discount of 10, 20 per cent or sometimes even more. Last time I did this while buying off a popular lingerie brand they offered me a 25 per cent off code three days later. Score!


Think coupons are something you cut out of newspapers or the back of shopping dockets and stick on your fridge? Think again! These days the best coupons are online, with entire websites like news.com.au coupons with exclusive discount codes on your favourite retailers like Myer, THE ICONIC and The Good Guys.

Before you complete a purchase it’s always worth doing a quick google search of “(retailer name) coupon” or “(retailer name) discount” and see what comes up. If you’re serious about your discounts there are also extensions you can install on your internet browser that trawl the internet for coupon codes, so you never have to pay full price.

Loyalty programs

I used to be one of those people who never signed up to shop emails, because I didn’t want my inbox to get spammed. But not signing up to your favourite brand’s mailing list means you’re seriously missing out. When you sign up most stores offer you a 10 per cent welcome discount, plus you often also get early access to sales and discounts for being a loyal customer (or sometimes not, with some retailers sending you a discount code if you haven’t shopped in a while). It’s also how you can get discounts on your birthday.

Review and get rewarded

Reviews are not only super useful for helping you decide whether a product is worth your cash but retailers will often reward you for leaving one — and it doesn’t have to be a positive review, just an honest one.

After you make a purchase keep an eye on your inbox for offers; it’s common to receive $25 off or a 20 per cent discount in return for your opinion — even if you didn’t give it a glowing review.

Influencers are your best friend

Influencers get a bad rap but they’re another great way to find an easy discount online.

Because brands these days like to track that the influencer’s paid promo is actually reaching customers, they often include a discount code featuring their name, like “Hannah20”.

The best part? You don’t have to follow every influencer if you don’t want to, simply go to the tagged photo section of the brand you want to buy from and find the latest paid partnership post with a discount code.

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