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Complex road system sparks debate

Starting from next week Sydney drivers can try their luck at navigating one of the most complicated underground interchanges ever built.

The final stage of WestConnex, Rozelle Interchange, will be opening soon and will consist of 24 kilometres of tunnels twisting around each other with more than a dozen entrance and exit points.

A map detailing all the twists and turns of the $3.9 billion dollar interchange has sparked a debate among social media users, with some welcoming the change and others confused by it.

“There will be chaos on opening day,” one Facebook user wrote, “Many drivers don’t rely on signs when navigating the roads. Most look for landmarks.”

“Don’t get lost,” one user urged, as another agreed: “Won’t be easy.”

“If it’s complicated and twisted then it is definitely in Sydney,” one person expressed.

Some were quick to point out the complexity of the tunnels resemble a “viper pit” or the “Minotaur maze”.

Drivers are being assured that navigating the route will be simple, as long as signs are followed and directions correctly interpreted.

Transport for NSW has gone as far as releasing a series of animated route previews, taking Sydneysiders on a mock trip along the interchange, allowing drivers to “rehearse” their journey if needed.

“Can’t wait!” wrote an excited user.

Another user commented: “Gonna be a game changer for getting about.”

“The obsession with the Rozelle interchange being ‘complex’ is weird,” a man wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“When you’re driving you’re going somewhere in particular. You follow the route and signs for your destination. It’s irrelevant there might be other options,” he continued.

The Rozelle Interchange connects the City West Link, the Iron Cove Bridge, the Anzac Bridge and the M4-M8 Link between St Peters and Haberfield.

Drivers are being promised they will be able to save up to 19 minutes on a trip between Parramatta and the Sydney CBD when using the interchange, though many are questioning whether the saved minutes are worth their money.

“One wrong turn you’ll be paying tolls for an eternity,” a user joked.

“Just what we need another toll…” expressed another.

“Private toll road – many can’t afford to use it or won’t,” a woman wrote.

Rozelle Interchange toll cost is included in the WestConnex toll cap and uses distance-based tolling based on how far you travel and your vehicle class.

Drivers can expect to pay $11.11 for a passenger vehicle and $33.32 for a heavy vehicle.

By 2028, the Rozelle Interchange will link up to the planned Western Harbour Tunnel, connecting Sydney Harbour with the Warringah Freeway at Cammeray.

Once complete and pending the construction of the proposed Beaches Link, there will be a continuous connection from WestConnex at Rozelle to Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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