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Don’t change the dress code at golf courses

To the Editor:

James Foster was complaining he was unable to wear T-shirts on the golf courses in the summer. He contends that because he was paying amenity fees he should be allowed to wear a T-shirt. Golf etiquette, for as long as I can remember, has been men’s shirts must be collared and dress shorts are good, no jeans. The amenity fees are supporting golf, our well kept landscape and much, much more. I do not want to see the dress code for our beautiful golf courses changed. Short-sleeved collared shirts and dress shorts are comfortable during the warm summer season as well as early morning play. He mentioned T-shirts are fine to wear at the squares. That is true and should be that way. Golf courses are not the squares and have a different dress etiquette. Hopefully we won’t start wearing bathing suits on the golf courses, they should be at the pools.

Robert Hardt
Village of Monarch Grove