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Don’t move to Australia, expat warns

A British woman who migrated to Australia three months ago says life is really tough and is alerting others not to follow in her footsteps.

Hannah, who is currently staying in Perth, has struggled to find a job and says she has cried for several days over the last few weeks.

So now, she says she wants to “de-influence” others from coming to Australia. Because according to her, life is very different here than what she believed it would be.

In a video posted on her TikTok page, which has received more than 200,00 views, she clearly discourages her followers from the trip Down Under.

“I would like to de-influence you to move to Australia,” she said.

“Because the girls on TikTok that just make videos of them running on the beach at 6am having an acai bowl, enjoying the sunrise, it is not like that.

“The amount of times I’ve cried in the last three weeks, the amount of times I’ve wanted to go home. Like I still want to stay here but it’s not easy.”

Hannah said she has never struggled so much to find a job, and it’s hard to feel secure while being unemployed.

“The travelling part that’s fun, that’s easy that bit can be romanticised – that is amazing,” she said.

“But the whole living trying to find a job part, it is tough.

“So maybe in six months I’ll be running on the beach having an acai bowl but right now, no.

“… I appreciate London a lot more now.”

How about any positives?

“I am enjoying the weather.”

Commenters on TikTok were split on the topic, with some suggesting she needs to keep putting in effort and others saying they ended up going back home.

“Just need to persist it took me three weeks to get a job in Melbourne but you have to just apply for anything,” one expat wrote. “Even if you don’t want to work hospo (sic) anything for the time being to get money in.”

While another said: “This was me coming from Australia moving to Ireland, I would move back to the UK/Ireland in a heartbeat compared to here

And a third agreed: “Agree 100 per cent with you! Eleven months here and I still hate it lmaooo (sic)! We only jumped over the ditch from NZ and can say NZ is so much better!”

However this commenter was more positive: “I feel this the first month I moved here I struggled. Five months in I’ve got four jobs and a friendship group, hang in there mate.”