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Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope For June 9

Sunday, your love horoscope for the day involves Mars entering the zodiac sign Taurus. Mars in Taurus promises to build confidence in love and it also can help you to trust yourself to make smart decisions in relationships. Mars governs over the masculine energy connected to desire, action, and the determination to bring whatever you wish to fruition. While Mars in Taurus can tend to make tempers flare, you should experience greater ease and control over your emotions. While Mars is in Taurus, from Sunday, June 9 to Saturday, July 20, direct your energy to create a solid foundation for your romantic relationship – and let yourself prioritize how your connection makes you feel. You should feel as if you are building what can last and making you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Now, on to our daily love horoscopes!

Each zodiac sign’s love horoscope for June 9


You’ve put in your dues when it comes to being patient or going with the flow, now is the time to harness that power to make magic happen. Go after what you want in love. Take chances, and don’t be afraid it’s not the right time to start something new. You have a chance to genuinely take action, knowing what you deserve, and honestly, not wanting to wait any longer to be happily in love.

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Take the extra boost from the universe and let yourself have confidence in your choices again. You make the rules for your life, which means, when you are deciding over what choice to make in your relationship, your opinion is the only one that matters. Be brave and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you want, because when it comes to love, that is the only way you’re going to be able to move forward with no regrets.

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The more you can tune into your intuition and inner self, the more you will feel satisfied with the relationship choices that you make. Take time to listen to your soul and heart, and really get clear on what it is that you feel. As much as you might have plans or visions for what your relationship will be, you need to be listening to your inner voice in order to actually find fulfillment and confidence in your relationship.

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Dear Cancer, that new beginning in love might just be around the corner for you. Be open to seeing those in your life in a new light, especially if it’s a friend or someone you’ve known for a period of time. Remember the love that is meant for you, may not be someone you’d first think, so be open to just seeing what comes. This also includes simply saying yes to more time with friends or surprise get togethers. When you are open and enjoying life, love will always have an easier time of finding you.

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Everything is aligning for you to finally feel as if you are being treated precisely how you always knew you should be. This comes down to not only feeling seen or understood by your partner, but also receiving invitations or gifts that make you feel as if they are finally speaking your loved language. Soak this all in, and don’t bother questioning if it’s real, especially because it’s what you’ve always wanted.

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It is the perfect time for a summer holiday, Virgo, or even just an impromptu trip. The best way to either meet someone new, or even spice up an existing relationship is to travel together. Embrace new experiences and create time to simply be with one another enjoying life. When you can take time to disconnect from your daily life, you end up being able to embrace a different side of yourself which is precisely what you need to bring some romance back into your life.  

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If you’ve been contemplating any changes in your relationship, now is the time to take action. Whether this is about approaching your partner with a new idea, or dream for the future – or even needing time to just be together, there is no reason to hesitate. Being able to feel a deep connection with your partner will be incredibly important for you, so make sure you are not only creating that intimate quality time, but also are having those conversations that can make you feel even closer.

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You might have had a plan for love. A specific course of events, or time to prepare, or even heal – but that doesn’t mean your romantic life was meant to go that way. Let yourself open to new love. Put yourself out there and see that there is no reason to delay what you want for some conceived perfect time. Be yourself, and honor all you’ve learned, but also don’t be afraid to go after what you want, after all, you deserve it.

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With so much recently happening in your romantic life, you may need to take a pause and focus on yourself. This doesn’t mean a break-up is in store, or even that you can’t enjoy exciting dates, but simply that it’s time to check in with yourself on if you’ve been giving yourself what you need to feel your best. You might book a couples massage for you and your partner, or even one for yourself if single. Taking care of yourself should never jeopardize any romantic connection and can actually help you receive even more love.

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Marriage might be on your mind, or even just a deeper commitment. If you are confident in your connection, especially after moving through a challenging time, then you might be feeling surer that there isn’t anyone else for you. Let yourself feel all the love you can, and even if it wasn’t previously in the cards be open to taking your relationship to the next level – or at the very least, making time to enjoy it.

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The only way you are going to have what you want is to align your actions with your words. Whether this is talking about moving in together, or even sharing more of your lives together, what you’re feeling is a core part of who you are – so it’s time to take action on them. If you and your partner have been creating a to-do list around the house, this would also be a good time to tackle that together, and then go out for a romantic dinner afterwards.

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You often are seen as mysterious, not because you try to be but because you often only share a small percentage of what you actually think or feel. While this is part of who you are regardless of anything you’ve been through in your life, you also know the only way to have the relationship you’re craving is to be more open. When you are confident in yourself, you can also be sure that you are speaking directly from the heart and trust that it’s this part of yourself your partner needs to see more of.

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