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Escaped race horse stuns commuters on train station platform

A horse has been spotted making an unusual late night appearance at a Sydney railway station, much to the confusion of commuters.

The bewildered retired race horse was caught on CCTV entering Warwick Farm station shortly before midnight on Friday, wandering up and down the platform and startling commuters who were forced to hide and even run from the animal.

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“Thankfully we were able to warn our train drivers to take extra care to look out for animals on the tracks” Sydney Trains CEO Matt Longland said.

“A train stopped at the station, (but) didn’t open its doors.”

After pacing the platform for half an hour, the horse was reunited with its owner, top Australian horse racing trainer Annabel Neasham.

The brown stable horse was seen pacing Warwick Farm station. Credit: Supplied
The horse allegedly got out after an intruder broke into the stable. Credit: Supplied

“Unfortunately, we had an intruder break-in to one of our stables,” Neasham said. “In the meantime, he managed to let our stable pony out.”

Neasham said she was very grateful the horse didn’t get on the tracks or even onto the train.

“(Our) horse is back at home, none the wiser, not even a scratch on him.”

After 30 minutes at the station, the horse was found and taken back to his Warwick Farm home. Credit: Supplied

Stable hand Keith Morrison said it was “highly unusual” that the horse ended up on the platform and left him with unanswered questions.

“I still want to know how it got up the stairs and onto the platform — it didn’t use the lift!”

Langland said Sydney Trains were giving the horse, now affectionately nicknamed “Mr Red” by train staff, a “stern warning” for “failing to tap-on at the station”.

Police said they are still searching for the person responsible for the break-in at the Warwick Farm stable.