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Footage reveals just how much all fans look the same

Taylor Swift and Blink 182 are touring Australia simultaneously, and your shoes can expose who you are a fan of.

There’s been plenty of coverage of Swift’s fans losing their minds at her arrival, which has radically changed how people dress.

Suddenly, cowboy boots, sequin dresses and friendship bracelets are everywhere. You can tell someone’s a Taylor Swift fan without them saying it.

This week, there are fans in office jobs wearing both their corporate blazers and Taylor Swift friendship bracelets.

Australia’s currently experiencing peak Swift Mania, which means fans are starting to look the same.

It almost feels like you can’t turn a corner without seeing someone wandering in bedazzled cowboy boots in honour of the pop singer.

If you’re not excited about Swift but very excited to see Blink 182 instead, you wouldn’t be blamed for feeling smug and like an individual.

While Swift fans are wandering around all looking like they belong to the same glittery cult, you’re being your own person at a rock show.

While everyone’s swept up in singing about breakups, you’re screaming about not wanting to act your age.

Yet there’s also still an effortless way to spot a Blink 182 fan, proving that music you listen to often influences your style.

Blink 182 ruled the nineties with smash hits like All The Small Things, The Rock Show, and Adam’s Song, and they’ve managed to maintain cultural relevance.

They are touring Australia for the first time since 2013 and bringing all their grunge vibes and Kourtney Kardashian, who is married to the drummer Travis Barker.

Millennials have been flocking to their shows, and a detail in a video going viral online exposed fans of the band all dress the same.

If you have tattoos and enjoy wearing Converse, there’s a high chance you are also a fan of Blink 182. It isn’t an exact science, but if you have a calf tattoo, your chances have definitely improved.

Creator Jem has posted a TikTok revealing a sea of millennials that were dressed comically the same at the band’s Adelaide gig.

“Tell me it is a Blink 182 concert without telling me it is a Blink 182 concert,” she wrote.

The video has now amassed 8,000 likes, and people in the comment section were quick to laugh at how similar all Blink 182 fans look.

It was just a never-ending sea of flat Converse shoes, band T-shirts, tattoos, and white socks.

One person commented that everyone at the gig was simply the “one” type of person, and another joked that they now knew what shoes to wear to the gig.

Someone else joked this was an example of “Millennials uniting”, and one said there were simply no other shoes you could wear to a Blink 182 gig.

People were also commenting that they planned to get their old Converse out for the occasion, and it was abundantly clear that people associated their flat sneakers with the band.

Another joked that there were no white cowboy boots at this gig, a cute reference to the fact that plenty of people wore those for Swift’s concerts.

Perhaps the best comment in the thread was someone revealing they wouldn’t be wearing Converse, not because their style had changed but because they were now at an age where they needed arch support for their millennial feet.

“I have inserts in my vans,” one fan quipped back.