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Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia names new managing director

Yasuyuki Matsumoto, Fujifilm BI

Yasuyuki Matsumoto has been appointed as Fujifilm Business Innovation Australia’s new managing director, and head of the Oceania region.

He takes over from Takashi Otani, who was appointed as managing director in 2021.

A Fujifilm veteran of over 30 years’ of experience, Matsumoto transfers to Australia from Fujifilm Business Innovaiton China, and Fujfilm BI Hong Kong, where he held positions of chairman and head of East Asia operations.

“IT spending in Australia is expected to reach over $133B in 2024, largely led by software and IT services,” Matsumoto said.

“Combined with the appetite to modernise IT systems, there is enormous opportunity for us to support organisations across the board with their most complex digital transformation challenges.”

“Growing businesses are placing more importance on building a strong foundation for customer’s digital experiences, as well as supporting their employees and a range of other efficiencies to accelerate their own transformation,” he added.

Fujifilm said it has appointed three new authorised dealers across Queensland and Western Australia.

They are Brisbane’s Fuji Solutions Group, DX Business Innovation in Canning Vale, and Perth based UTECK.