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Full moon lunar eclipse shakes things up: 4 zodiac signs in for major a change

The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra of March 2024 is part of eclipse season, signifying a karmic doorway for 28 days where significant changes can occur. Anything can happen at this time because an eclipse can only happen when a new or full moon occurs in a sign that is on the North or South node of the zodiac. The North Node represents the future and ultimate destiny, whereas the South Node carries spiritual baggage from the past. And if your zodiac sign is affected by an eclipse, it could result in a sudden and unforeseen turning point in your life.


Eclipse season can at times bring about incredibly significant and drastically life-altering developments. At other times, the change may be more internal and subtle, yet it is still very noticeable.

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The eclipse occurring in Libra may have a huge impact on relationships, with potential for both breakups and reconciliation. Venus in Pisces and its conjunction with Saturn suggest the need for perseverance and hard work in relationships.

The eclipse, with the South Node in Libra, emphasises relationships and tendencies like codependency, passivity, and people-pleasing, aiming to release what no longer serves personal growth. The upcoming total solar eclipse in Aries suggests new energy, beginnings, and relationships as it occurs at the North Node, representing future potential.

There are 4 zodiac signs that will be most affected by the eclipse: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra.

How does the eclipse impact Aries?

They might experience a major shift in their relationship with someone close to them. This could be a romantic partner, best friend, business associate, or even an enemy. The eclipse might push them to deepen the connection or end it completely, depending on the situation’s health. They may also find their overall perspective in relationships undergoing a transformation.

How does the eclipse impact Cancer?

They can prepare for a shift in careers! Their career zone is activated by this eclipse, so they should anticipate something novel and unique at work. They may decide to take a chance and follow a completely different route, get a promotion, or even quit their existing position. Although these changes may have an impact on their personal lives as well, in the long term they will create new chances.

How does the eclipse impact Libra?

They are directly in the centre of the eclipse’s influence because it is occurring in Libra. There will be significant modifications as a result of this. They will be forced to step outside of their comfort zone and be inspired to express themselves honestly by the eclipse. Accept this change and let go of anything preventing them from moving forward. They might anticipate resolutions and new beginnings in various aspects of their lives.

How does the eclipse impact Capricorn?

The eclipse stirring their domestic sphere might bring about significant changes in their home life or family dynamics. This could involve moving, welcoming a new family member, or simply experiencing a shift in their current situation. These changes, while potentially challenging, are meant to heal past traumas and create a more fulfilling home environment. The impact of these domestic shifts might also influence their professional lives in positive ways.