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Gym’s brutal move against influencers

A popular gym has cracked down on influencers videoing their workouts, banning tripods and requiring patrons to purchase “media passes” amid ongoing safety and privacy concerns.

Doherty’s Gym, which has three locations in Melbourne and one in Perth, has told patrons filming on tripods will “no longer be permitted”, citing concerns about privacy and safety.

“It is our duty of care to provide safety protection and privacy for all our members. Tripods have become a trip hazard and a safety concern,” the notice, shared to Instagram, said.

Doherty’s said those wanting to still film their workouts to upload to social media could purchase a “media pass” from the front desk, on the proviso that no one is filmed without their consent.

“If you must take a quick video with your phone while you are training, please be aware of anyone in the background and make sure you have their consent to post or share their image if they are,” gym owner Tony Doherty said.

“Better still, put your phone down and get on with training. This may not be popular with the tripod crew, but everyone else will appreciate not having to deal with them.”

He said just because someone “wants to film every aspect of their life, including their workouts, it doesn’t mean that everyone else wants to be in the movie”.

In an updated house rules sheet at the gym’s front desk, members and casuals have also been cautioned against “excessive grunting”, and that “photo shoots must be pre-booked”.

Last month, Mr Doherty took to Instagram to pan “entitled c***s who failed to follow gym etiquette like putting their weights away.

He said the gym was “a sacred place” and should be treated as such.

In the post, he told gym-goers: “Please put your weights away after you finish using them … I am not special. You are not special”.

“We are equals in the gym and entitled selfish behaviour should not be tolerated. No exceptions and no excuses,” he said.