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Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign On May 21 — Moon Opposition Mercury

We are blessed with gifts on May 21, 2024 as the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon opposes Mercury. Here’s what each zodiac sign can expect from their horoscope starting Tuesday.

Here’s your zodiac sign’s daily horoscope for May 21.


A clean slate, Aries, that’s what you need, and Gemini season delivers. The Sun entering Gemini opens the door to new deals, contracts, and conversations about the future. It’s time to think about stepping over the threshold and finding something new to do in life. You may opt to volunteer in your community. Perhaps you want to buy a new car and change your image. Or you could start looking for a new job and make a career change.

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Money can come from various sources, and you could decide to invest in different things to see what will come from it. Gemini season opens the door to new money, investments and real estate opportunities. If you have wanted to buy a home in a different city, this can be the month to start looking into options. Or, if you want to relocate locally, this is a great time to look for an apartment in your area.

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Happy birthday, Gemini! It’s Gemini season, and the Sun entering your sign means you get a glow-up. This is a great time for doing something that’s life-changing for yourself. You can begin a new fitness routine or a lifestyle change. If you’ve been itching to change your hair or get a new look, consider a makeup consultation or go to your beauty salon and see what options you have. 

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There are times in life to shut a door, and then there are times to say goodbye. Gemini season is an excuse to cut off toxic relationships and end situations that are unhelpful to you now. Are you holding on to old patterns that keep you from living your life to the fullest? While it may be easier to say that you’ll start a new leaf and change your lifestyle, these things can take time. So you get a full 30-days until the Sun leaves Gemini to enter your sign to figure out what needs to be done, 

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It’s time to branch out socially and meet new people. Gemini season is a wonderful time to use social media tools that help you connect with like-minded business people. You can become more active on LinkedIn, or start posting on X or Threads. If you like to write, consider adding articles on topics you’re an expert in. You can begin to pitch ideas to editors online to see if an essay you want to write can be picked up. 

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Are you ready to level up in your career? Gemini season brings attention to your social status, which may mean people see what you contribute to a job or what you can bring to the table career-wise. This is a great time to update your resume and online presence. Keep solid records of what you do each day at work and how you contribute so that you can bring it up and highlight your strengths when it’s time to have your annual review. Consider how to improve any areas of weakness that can really improve your professionalism.

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It’s summertime, and summer brings with it opportunities to travel and visit other countries. If you have not renewed your passport or put a stamp on it lately, consider making plans this month for an international trip. You can drive to Canada for a family vacation. You might want to do a long-distance road trip to see the Grand Canyon or fish at a campground site. The Sun entering Gemini is your time to learn about other locations and to make history come alive by visiting museums, zoos, and cities you’re curious about.

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It’s time to work through some unhealed problems, and Gemini season helps you to see what areas you can work on first. This is a time for journaling and seeking a new counselor if you have one and don’t feel that your current therapy is as helpful as you need. If you’re battling mental health issues, the next month is ideal for exploring treatment options, and to see what might work for your situation. You have a powerful month opening up for you to get answers and to start a wellness journey with the support of the universe to back you up.

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Your honeymoon period is here, Sagittarius. Gemini season opens the floodgates to love, partnership, marriage and all things related to togetherness. If you are single, you may meet someone special and have a beautiful summer romance. If you date someone you like, your union could become serious and exclusive. Your job is to know what you want and to be sure that’s what you desire so you can project this energy into the universe. The Law of Attraction is going to work powerfully for you. 

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Summer is coming, and it’s time to take your summer body seriously. The Sun enters your sixth house of wellness, so focus on health and wellness. Gemini season is long enough to help you break bad habits inhibiting your overall well-being. You can start walking daily and packing a nutritious lunch instead of ordering food. You can start to track your goals and how well you hit them each day. Schedule your annual physical and anything else that you need to do to begin this journey strong.

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You can share who you are and let the world see you in a new light by doing things through your art. If you are a musician, consider writing a song or learning to play music to help you express yourself better. If you’re a writer, you might pen a poem or start blogging for pleasure to share your ideas or cooking recipes. This solar season is here for you to open up in ways that are creative and artful. There are so many aspects to your personality; why limit yourself to just one way of sharing your feelings? 

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Family is where your heart is. And, during this Gemini season, it’s time to get together with relatives you’ve not seen for a while. Why not book a road trip to visit your parents or see if you can create a simple but fun family reunion to spend time with your cousins? You can be more active about texting or video chatting if travel isn’t cost-effective or feasible for you this month. Today strengthens your ability to remain consistently more in touch with the people you love.

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