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Horoscope Today, May 22, 2024: Check astrological prediction for Virgo, Taurus and other signs

At last it looks as if you may indeed be able to take certain people or situations for granted – but not for long! And that’s partly because they’re more relaxed about the situation! Obviously nothing remains the same for ever, but now you may hope that your expectations will be fulfilled.

For once the world is looking like a better place. For as long as you put your troubles behind you and adopt an optimistic attitude, circumstances in general will continue to improve. You also need to stick to your commitments but, then, loyalty comes naturally to you.

GEMINI HOROSCOPE TODAY: do not let other people put you down

You’re not the first to realise that confidence is the key to success, or to understand the simple truth that it is up to you to make the most of your planetary potential. Therefore, do not let other people put you down. But neither should you rise to the bait. Keep calm.

CANCER HOROSCOPE TODAY: believe in yourself

You should now begin to feel a whole lot better about worries that have tended to hold you back, and you’ll be putting such imaginary cares and woes into perspective. It’s important that you believe in yourself. It will help to get the facts straight!

LEO HOROSCOPE TODAY: not to try and force your opinions on other people

You have had a very tense period up until now, which is why it must be all the more satisfying to feel the effects of relaxed and friendly planetary influences. The only word of advice is not to try and force your opinions on other people. You’d do much better to charm them.

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VIRGO HOROSCOPE TODAY: You need expert advice

Financial deals and schemes must now take up more of your time. Generally the auspices are very favourable, yet the planets still insist that without partnership and co-operation your personal success cannot be guaranteed. You need expert advice at every turn.

LIBRA HOROSCOPE TODAY: accept criticism where it is justified

Colleagues and professional associates are assuming a greater importance in your life, although not necessarily in a way which pleases you. Nevertheless, you must allow other people to play a full part in all joint activities, and accept criticism where it is justified.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE TODAY: take tried and tested options

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The Moon highlights short journeys today, so it is more than likely that you’ll be called away suddenly. Also, don’t be surprised if your routine is disturbed by letters or phone calls bearing unexpected news. If you have a choice, take tried and tested options.


Domestic improvements or upheavals should by now be well and truly over, at least as far as the planets are concerned. If you have other ideas, this may be because you are suffering from delayed effects. There is more sense in partners’ words than seems likely at first, so listen closely.

CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE TODAY: you need to be firm but flexible

You seem to have more than one option opening up as far as work is concerned. However, it may not be necessary to make a firm choice just yet, and it may even be advisable to spread yourself around. Plus, at work you need to be firm but flexible.

AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: keep your social diary open

This is a perplexing time, when you may not be sure what is the best way forward. It’s possible that people close to you hold the answer to a current mystery, and you’d be advised to act on all good advice. Plus, keep your social diary open, as the next few days could bring last-minute changes.

PISCES HOROSCOPE TODAY: concentrate on your inner, spiritual development

Keep domestic improvements on the move, and don’t let ill-defined obstacles block your path. Financial affairs are without doubt moving your way, and you can afford to be confident. It goes without saying, though, that you do need to continue with great care.

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