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How Venus, Mercury, The Sun & The Full Moon Affect Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope The Week Of June 17

How Venus, Mercury, The Sun & The Full Moon Affect Each Zodiac Sign’s Love Horoscope The Week Of June 17

Wait, not for the one who left you behind. If they truly cared, they wouldn’t have gone. Instead, find the strength within not to let yourself down. That’s the theme of love this week, between June 17 – 23, 2024. Before we get to the love horoscopes for each zodiac sign, let’s take a look at everyone’s general love messages for the week for everyone. 

Big, energetic changes await us (and our love lives) on June 17. Venus and Mercury will enter Cancer on that day, thus paving the way for softer romantic experiences, more considerate ways of communication, and the desire to make the heart more important than the physical body in a romance. This focus will become more heightened once the Sun moves to Cancer on June 20 and Cancer Season officially begins.

That’s not all that will impact us in love. Vesta in Leo (June 19 onward) is here to revolutionize how we approach love. Now’s the time to drop the unsavory energy vampires pretending to be partners and actually look for true love. If you are single, never allow anyone to tell you your standards are too high. Unless you are looking for a guy in finance with a trust fund (…6’5”, blue eyes), your standards are most likely just fine.

Watch out for the Full Moon in Capricorn on June 21, though. Full moons are great for love manifestations. Only, as a Capricorn moon, you will benefit from focusing on romantic desires that lead to a true, ever-after situation and solid long-term potential. Now, let’s take a look at the weekly love horoscopes for every zodiac sign for June 17 – 23.

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Here’s how Venus, Mercury, the Sun and a Full Moon could affect the weekly love horoscope for each zodiac sign beginning June 17.


Best day for love: June 18

Aries, the energy of love for you this week is really strong. It’s mainly because Mars in Taurus is lighting up your relationship house. Under this influence, anything you set your mind to can be accomplished, whether it’s wooing the person you are interested in, coming up with an excellent date night idea for your bae, or just improving yourself. Hence, it has an indirect positive effect on your romance and relationship. While you are at it, don’t forget to treat yourself and celebrate your wins. Baked goodies definitely come to mind!

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Best day for love: June 21

Taurus, the energy of love this week has a phallic/sapphic quality to it for you. (Yes, we said it!) What you do with this energy is up to you, though. You can lean into it to spark a fire in your love life. You can also channel this into being more comfortable in your body and understanding the meaning of body positivity. The latter will have a huge impact on your love life in the long run because you will no longer allow toxic comments or judgments in this arena to ruin your self-esteem or make you accept crappy partners.

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Best day for love: June 23

Gemini, enjoy the extra sweet and silly love energy this week! Lean into it hard, and let your natural mercurial personality take over. Adventures, intrigue, and possible mayhem (of the good kind) await. Who knows where this will lead? Even you won’t know. You are also urged to answer this metaphorical question about love — What is heaven? What is its opposite? Know it, and you won’t ever allow anyone to bait your curiosity and lead you somewhere dark and horrible… or just plain boring.

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Best day for love: June 23

Cancer, the energy of love this week for you is a little quirky. You will either swear a lot this week (and love it!), or you will find yourself intrigued by people who are of the edgier and grittier kind. If this turns into a grumpy x sunshine romance or a black cat x golden retriever trope, you are in for a treat. Leaving one’s comfort zone will never feel this good! Prepare to have your mind blown and your preconceptions challenged (again, in a good way!). Just make sure to balance out alone time with this world-altering romance lest you find yourself freaking out because of a too-fast pace. 

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Best day for love: June 23

Leo, your intuition is being highlighted this week as your direction for love. Trust it, and it will guide you where you need to go. Even if the nudges seem strange, trust and follow. You won’t fall short. Some of you are about to meet your soulmate this week. You will feel a strange kinship with this stranger and wonder if you are going crazy or hormonal. It won’t be either. One conversation with them will show you the ease and camaraderie that is only possible between two souls who are not strangers at all! Be mindful and ground yourself. It will make it easier to align with your inner knowing.

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Best day for love: June 23

Virgo, you tend to rely heavily on your mind and logic to lead you in life. The energy in love this week will turn that upside-down. You will find yourself called to trust your inner knowing even when you don’t know how you know what you know. Can you rise to the challenge and embrace this psychic sensitivity? Or will you allow love to walk past you without knowing what you missed? This will be an adventure you will remember for years to come. Also… when in doubt, use humor.

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Best day for love: June 21

Libra, the energy of love this week for you is wild and sweet. Some days, you won’t want to step out of your comfort zone in love, and that’s totally fine. Whether you and your boo get your favorite takeout and rewatch your favorite movie or do something equally cozy and comforting, you will feel at the top of the world. Then, on other days, you will want to step out and be crazy … as in spontaneous and daring. That will spark more excitement in your romance, too. Just remember: laughter makes everything a hundred times better!

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Best day for love: June 19

Scorpio, the energy of love this week for you is all about recognizing what you truly desire in love and not allowing anyone to make fun of you for it. Most likely, they are doing so because they believe you are not good enough for what you want, and that usually happens when there are deep prejudices or judgments about someone’s appearance. Yet love is not skin-deep. You will find true love if you are patient and wise. Trust yourself, and everything will be fine.

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Best day for love: June 20

Sagittarius, the energy of love for you this week is about leaning into what makes you a true Sagittarius. Be “loud” and proud, be quirky and kind, be fun and daring, and all the other things that make Sagittarians fun to hang out with. Whether you are single or in a relationship, it will work out in your favor when you choose yourself and choose authenticity. You are also encouraged to make time for self-care and self-love during all this. A little R&R (rest and relaxation) can go a long way!

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Best day for love: June 17

Capricorn, never doubt your ability to bring your soulmate to you. If you did a manifestation ritual recently (or are planning to do one soon), try to have faith in yourself and keep believing in the power of intentions. Pure magic awaits you. You are also encouraged to speak and listen equally when engaging with people this week, whether in romantic situations or otherwise. Good habits tend to permeate all areas of life, after all. The same applies to the bad ones.

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Best day for love: June 18

Aquarius, let no one tell you that you are too crazy for love or have too high standards … or any permutation and combination of unwanted opinions! 

The energy of love this week is fast and flashing for you. If you rely on your judgment and ability to be sensible, you will know who to engage with and who to steer away from. True love is near. Much nearer than you know. So make an effort! This applies to those of you who are in a relationship, too. You must meet your partner halfway in nurturing this love. If they aren’t willing to do the same, perhaps they are not your true love after all…

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Best day for love: June 20

Pisces, your psychic senses will be extra sensitive this week. This will bleed into the arena of love and have a decided impact on your romantic life. If you feel nudged away from the one you are with, trust that inner instinct even if you can’t answer in concrete ways why your gut is apprehensive or uncertain of them. Time and the future will reveal all. In fact, journaling your observations can help you recognize the red flags later when you are more aware of such undercurrents.

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