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Jumbo Package: How Nick Saban can make history again vs Michigan

Happy Friday, everyone. We learned yesterday that Ja’Corey Brooks and DL Isaiah Hastings entered the transfer portal.

Brooks will always have the 2021 Iron Bowl. Best of luck to them.

Nick Saban has a chance to make history when Alabama plays Michigan. No coach has never beaten two number one teams in back to back games.

Here’s the statistic that’s nothing short of jaw-dropping, which we’ve been following for the past decade: Saban has notched nine career wins against No. 1 opposition, including the win that defined the early part of his career, 28-24 at Ohio State, in 1998.

That’s more than twice as many as any coach in college football history.

Yes, he’s statistically benefitted from the expansion of the postseason, but it’s not like his peers have been able to do anything comparable. Among them, Dabo Swinney is 2-2 when facing a No. 1 team, Brian Kelly is 1-3, and Kirby Smart is 1-2. Mack Brown is 2-5.

Good luck, Wolverines.

As expected, we will be getting ESPN’s top crew of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit for the Rose Bowl.

Brady Quinn is bullish on the Tide.

“I just think this ‘Bama team has been undergraded and we saw them play Early in the season. These two teams…not that they’ve gone their separate ways but Alabama’s continually grown while Texas has maintained course. Tight game, close game, an instant classic. But, I’m going to take Bama.”

Quinn’s take that Alabama has steadily gotten better isn’t that ambitious. Since their loss against Texas, they balanced their offense behind standout quarterback Jalen Milroe who finished the regular season throwing for 2,718 yards and 23 touchdowns with six interceptions. His best game had to be the Iron Bowl matchup against Auburn in which he threw a last-second touchdown that powered the Crimson Tide to the win and put them in position for a College Football Playoff bid.

You decide if that’s good or bad.

Joe Gaither at BamaCentral dove deep into the SEC Championship Game action.

Defensively after making changes in the first half it became about executing and playing football. Georgia’s offensive coordinator Mike Bobo seemed to fall into patterns and tendencies, making them easier to defend in clutch scenarios. After rewatching the game it’s easy to wonder if the Bulldogs have the offensive personnel to win at a high enough rate on the outside to win against the nation’s top teams this season.

Rewatch the game with me as we analyze the ways that Tommy Rees and Kevin Steele schematically put the Crimson Tide into positions to make winning plays in Atlanta.

Saban was out doing what he does best yesterday.

The Alabama football coach wasn’t in his office on Thursday afternoon, his usual spot for his paid, weekly appearances on the ESPN simulcast. Instead, as McAfee was referring to, Saban was on a recruiting trip in Chattanooga, Tenn. Days after securing a spot in the College Football Playoff, Saban joined many coaches in thinking about the future.

“Got to do it. I learned a long time ago that I wasn’t great at coaching bad players to play good,” Saban said on The Pat McAfee Show. “So, the key to the drill is getting good players. That’s why we’re here.”

One of the cornerstone pieces of Alabama football’s class of 2024 is Amari Jefferson, a standout pass-catcher from Baylor School, located in Chattanooga.

Last, Senator Rick Scott of Florida wants some answers, dammit!

Scott says Florida State “did everything they were supposed to do” by going 13-0 on the season and beating two highly-ranked teams, Louisiana State University (LSU) and Louisville.

“Was this a financial decision? If you did the right thing, you should disclose everything. Be up front about it. Disclose what happened, how they made the decision,” he told The Hill.

He’s worried that the selection committee may have been influenced by outside financial interests and he’s demanding the panel turn over all text, email and written communications among members of the selection panel and College Football Playoff company officials.

He also wants all records of communications between members of the selection committee and individuals not formally affiliated with the college football playoffs.


That’s about it for today. Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide.