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June 2024 Horoscopes: Your Star Sign’s Month Ahead | marie claire

Your June 2024 horoscopes are here.

Keep reading for everything your star sign can expect in the month ahead.



It’s go time for Geminis in early June, but this rejuvenating week will be followed by a quieter, more introverted period.

June’s new moon on the 6th marks a turning point, offering the most significant fresh start of the year. Seize it! Let “yes” be your guide, not fear. Venus’ cazimi on the 5th delivers a golden opportunity. And your efforts towards a professional goal pay off around this time. After the 9th, Mars encourages introspection. Whether counselling or diving into shadow work, it’s time to look inward. With the sun boosting your financial sector by month’s end, your wallet breathes easier. Maybe splurge on that concert or fine dining experience with someone special. See it as a celebration of your progress.

POWER DAYS: June 5, 6, 15



Happy solar return, Cancer! As your season kicks off, you’re hit with a wave of motivation to launch a new venture or reinvent your vibe. Considering an image update?

After the 21st is prime time for a major transformation. But first, Mercury calls for introspection. Reflect on the top three life changes you’d wish for.

While magic genies are scarce, this month offers a chance to upgrade an area of your life that hasn’t met expectations. Picture your desired outcome vividly, as mental imagery can be a powerful catalyst for change. Kickstart your aspirations with visualisation or affirmations.

POWER DAYS: June 17, 19, 21



This June, the sun’s alignment with Saturn turns you into a productivity powerhouse.

Don’t hesitate to tap into others’ expertise, whether it’s a mentor’s guidance, a coach’s strategies, or a colleague’s insights. Their wisdom could turbo-charge your progress.

Come mid-month, a tug-of-war in your relationship sphere tempts you to push a point. But winning isn’t everything. Consider the possibility that a romantic or business partner has valid concerns and opt for compromise and teamwork to achieve a win-win outcome. Singles, brace for intense chemistry. Just make sure there’s depth behind the dazzle.

POWER DAYS: June 6, 21, 22


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June’s new moon on the 6th suggests you ease up at work. You’ll find productivity increases when you’re not sweating the small stuff or micromanaging.

Venus sets up professional Virgos for a chance encounter with an influential woman, so ensure you’re at every networking event possible.

As the month wraps up, the full moon on the 22nd emphasises the importance of fun in matters of the heart. It’s a call for couples to mix in more pleasure.

Single? Your perfect match is someone who brings lightheartedness and spontaneity to the table, reminding you that life isn’t all work and no play.

POWER DAYS: June 3, 6, 17



Libran love birds spice things up with a quirky date. Single? A connection could blossom on a trip, turning a casual getaway into a love story.

On the career front, Venus boosts profits, while the sun ensures your projects capture attention. Keep going; you are closer than you think.

Librans not focused on professional achievements smash a personal milestone around June 9, when the sun and Saturn align.

While it’s a month where ambition meets opportunity, the real payoff comes from putting in the hard yards –therein lies your sweet rewards.

POWER DAYS: June 5, 17, 27



Mars ramps up sexual chemistry for both singles and couples. But watch out, that same fiery energy could spark an argument just as easily as it fuels passion.

Try to keep the drama out of it and focus on fun instead, especially in the bedroom.

Married Scorpios, if tensions arise, your in-laws might have the advice you need. Feeling adventurous? Budget permitting, dive into a colourful new culture later in the month.

On June 22, the full moon drops an “ah-ha” moment involving your social media account or some important news you’ve been waiting for.

POWER DAYS: June 3, 9, 11



June’s new moon on the 6th opens the door to fresh romantic beginnings.

Whether diving into a new relationship or finding a novel way to connect with your partner, your love life gets a boost
this month.

On the financial front, teaming up with a business partner or pooling resources can make your money tree flourish.

Think smart collaborations that amplify economic growth. Come June 22, the full moon zooms in on what really matters.

As your priorities shift, you’ll realise that some things are no longer as critical as they seemed. Get to the heart of your desires and reshape your life.

POWER DAYS: June 3, 4, 22



Your love life’s buzzing with celestial activity, thanks to a planetary bonanza lighting up your relationship sector.

If you’re paired up, tune into your partner. A little empathy goes a long way and will circle back to you with even more love and support.

On the 22nd, the full moon in your sign shifts your gaze to career ambitions or personal projects. Success is on the cards but it won’t come easily.

Roll up your sleeves because the dedication you pour into your goals now will pay off big time. Whether it’s late nights or upskilling, your efforts won’t be in vain.

POWER DAYS: June 8, 9, 22



Ask yourself: what are you clinging to that’s keeping you from soaring?

With Saturn pushing you along, real growth is on the table but you’ll need to blend courage with self-belief to step beyond your comfort zone.

And don’t overlook the children in your life; they’re unexpectedly wise this month. A random comment from a child could bring an epiphany, offering a fresh, simple perspective that cuts through the noise.

If you’ve been feeling a bit off-kilter, starting June 21, the sun energises your health zone, cranking up your vitality. That’s when you’ll find your groove again, Aquarius.

POWER DAYS: June 3, 9, 11



Your home life is a mix of sweetness and a few challenges this month.

You will find warmth in a heart-to-heart with an aunt or a laugh with your niece, but may also butt heads with a female relative.

As for romance, the latter half of the month is pure bliss. For those flying solo, relish the here and now without trying to decode every detail about the future.

Couples,get ready to feel that first-date flutter once more.

Wrapping up the month, the full moon on the 22nd brings an old dream or deep-seated wish back into the spotlight. Don’t let it slip away this time.

POWER DAYS: June 3, 4, 17



On June 9, Mars zooms into your finance sector, flashing warning lights and opportunity signals.

Watch out for those impulse buys that seem irresistible in the moment but regrettable by nightfall.

However, Mars is also your all-access pass to some quick cash (think freelance gigs or selling items you no longer need).

As the month progresses, Venus and the sun inspire a lovely home refresh.

Then, a work endeavour you’ve poured your heart into reaches a climax on the full moon on the 22nd. Prepare for a gratifying testament to your persistence and passion.

POWER DAYS: June 9, 22, 27



Whether it’s a sunset hike, stargazing picnic or at-home spa, pampering your partner rekindles the magic.

Bulls in the early stages of dating might ponder how they fit into the bigger picture of their lover’s life.

Come June 9, Mars propels into your sign, injecting a hefty dose of energy, perfect for crushing those fitness milestones.

Just pace yourself. The adrenaline rush could tempt you to overdo it, risking injury.

As the month wraps up, the full moon on the 22nd stirs wanderlust. If a getaway isn’t on the cards, lose yourself in a book or shift your mindset with a fresh perspective on an old problem.

POWER DAYS: June 5, 9, 11