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Las Vegas… yes, or no? NBA hesitates with the location of the next In-Season Tournament

The NBA Cup has been a success. A breath of fresh air to a regular season in the spotlight of the fans and Commissioner Adam Silver agreed to bring the tournament finals to Las Vegas for one year, but that there is a possibility of a change for the next edition.

Having the aura of Playoffs in November and December is a gift for a spectator who wanted to escape the monotony. Analyzing the case, on an extra-sporting level, there are few better scenarios. Glamour, charisma, and spectacle.

LeBron James eating in the locker room after winning the NBA In-Season Tournament ChampionshpMarca.com

Las Vegas, and specifically the T-Mobile Arena, hosted the final phase of the In-Season Tournament. The four best teams, qualified after a group stage and quarterfinals, met in Nevada to crown a champion. The LA Lakers lifted the trophy after defeating the Pacers (123-109) in a beautiful final. But one question remains in the air. Las Vegas… yes, or no?

Adam Silver, junto al trofeo de campe

Adam Silver, junto al trofeo de campen de la Copa NBAIan MauleLAPRESSE

The future lies in Las Vegas

Looking at the sporting level, perhaps they extended the stay in Las Vegas. The semifinals generated doubts in the neutral spectator. The crowd was supportive, but at the same time the atmosphere was calm. Fans from Los Angeles, which is a scant four-hour drive away, were noticeable in the semifinals and finals.

Sam Amick of The Athletic reports, it must be said that the NBA is trying to host as many events as possible in Las Vegas due to an increasingly clear expansion of the league and, of course, a new team in the city that never sleeps.

The NBA closed the month of November as the month that has sold the most tickets, with a total of 18,206 spectators on average in the pavilions, a figure that invites us to believe in the interest of the competition. With the Cup now finished, it is time to think about the next edition, with the question of whether it will be held in Las Vegas or whether Adam Silver will look for another venue.