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Leonardo DiCaprio calls out Aussie state

Leonardo DiCaprio has weighed in on a controversial issue in Australia — and one state in particular was in the firing line.

The environmentalist actor has taken aim at Queensland — following news that a glowing emission reduction report was based on “erroneous data” that was “not reliable”.

“An independent study has found that the national carbon accounting system of Australia may be significantly underreporting deforestation in Queensland,” the actor wrote.

He was referring to a report from the University of Queensland that found the National Carbon Accounting System (NCAS) tables for deforestation in Queensland were based on “error-prone” methods.

The state uses two methods for detecting deforestation, NCAS and the Queensland government’s Statewide Landcover and Trees Study (SLATS).

The report compared deforestation through both methods and found deforestation was “substantially greater than that reported by NCAS”.

The author concluded the reported total deforestation based on the national system was underestimated by between 36-62 per cent.

“This underestimation of areas of deforestation in Queensland also brings Australia’s

emissions reporting into question,” the report concluded.

DiCaprio took to Facebook and Instagram to again call for the end of native forest logging in Australia, less than a month after he posted a similar message about Tasmania.

He said the only way to prevent new extinctions in Australia was to end native forest logging.

“The Australian government has promised that it will prevent any new extinctions,” DiCaprios’ post read.

“Conservationists continue to encourage them to uphold their zero-extinction commitment. “The only way to protect the hundreds of threatened Australian forest species, is to end native forest logging across Australia and Tasmania.

“Australia has the highest rate of mammalian extinctions in the world,” the post read.

The post comes after the industry was thrust back into the spotlight as the Tasmanian Liberal government announced the release of 40,000 hectares of native forest- previously earmarked for protection- to loggers in an election promise.

The announcement sent shockwaves through the state that has had a long history of fighting between environmentalists and industrialists looking to expand operations in mining, logging and now renewable energy.

The state legislated controversial workplace protection laws- deemed “anti-protest” laws in 2022 which significantly increased the penalties for entering a worksite and penalises organisations that support people to protest.

As revealed by news.com.au today, a Tasmanian activist– on hunger strike amid a 70-day presentencing jail stint for protesting in a logging coupe- is instructing his legal counsel to pursue the maximum penalties of the new laws to “see what result it produces”.

Former Greens leader Bob Brown and another fellow protester were also arrested and charged with trespass following the Styx Forest demonstration on February 19.

“I applaud his stand but am also appalled that he is in jail while those destroying the forests continue to rob future generations of their birthright,” Dr Brown told news.com.au

“Penalties don’t deter people’s consciences. The more draconian the laws get, the more people will come out.”