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Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF May 20 – 26, 2024

Hopefully you got the answers you were looking for over the past month, Libra, because this Monday, May 20, the Sun leaves your investigative eighth house and blasts into fellow air sign Gemini and your expansive—and candid—ninth house. Over the coming four weeks, some of your famous Libran tact may be MIA as you explore the unfamiliar territory of calling it like you see. True, you may shock some people (yourself included), but you might also find it refreshingly liberating to not walk on eggshells around people out of fear you might “hurt” them. But you’re still a diplomatic Libra, and you’re sure to find precisely the right words to judiciously call someone out or confront them. The real lesson of this yearly transit is to focus on what matters most to YOU and not waste so much energy on other people and their insecurities.

With the Sun heating up this adventurous realm until June 20, your quest for wider vistas and greener pastures could lead you to far-flung locales. Locate your passport, arrange for help to cover your personal and professional duties, then hopefully you’re free to roam. Even if you don’t literally go on a sojourn, you can always travel in the figurative sense with self-development workshops, meditation groups and intersectional-anything meetups.

As an extroverted air sign, you’ve never met a stranger, and this week you might experience that on a whole new level. On Thursday, the year’s only Sagittarius full moon powers up your third house of communication and social interaction, AND your ruler, amiable Venus, joins the Sun that same day, amplifying the Gemini solar power until June 17. You’ll be emanating record levels of charm and magnetism, so stay open to possibilities, especially all things local. Make a point of chatting up intriguing people you meet in your neighborhood.  Under an activated third-house full moon, you could kick off a creative collaboration or find new people who share your interests. One conversation over coffee or happy hour could reveal someone with BFF potential. True, you’re rarely at a loss for words, but the two weeks following this full moon can help you refine any message you’re eager to put out to a larger audience.

Let your global expansion efforts begin this Saturday, Libra! Limitless Jupiter kicks off a fortuitous yearlong tour through Gemini and your expansive ninth house this weekend, propelling you out of your comfort zone and into the wild unknown. Geographical limitations can’t hold you back. Reach out, keep an open mind, and you could find a fanbase or squad of kindred spirits in another part of the world. Some Libras will relocate to new cities under this Jupiter phase while others may choose to live or study abroad for an extended stay. With the jovial planet here, you’ve got lady luck on your side. Go ahead and take a well-calculated risk: You’re primed to hit the jackpot if you’ve thought through your plan. If you’re an entrepreneur, writer, blogger or media maker, you’ll be especially blessed by this Jupiter phase, especially if you’re engaged in socially responsible work, which idealistic Jupiter approves of. Your circle of friends becomes vastly diverse now, too, and for single Libras, holiday romances smolder with sultry possibilities. Attached? Stoke the embers with an epic vacation together. Even if you don’t set sail on this fantastic voyage until later in the year, the planning and research can be like foreplay.

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