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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 16–22

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 16–22

Selena Gomez, a Cancer.
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Early Monday morning, both Venus and Mercury enter sensitive Cancer; on Thursday, the sun joins them. If nothing seemed that serious during Gemini season, everything does now. It’s harder to let rude comments roll off your back, to quiet your anxieties about the future, to pretend other people’s suffering doesn’t affect you. You feel it all so deeply. It’s intense but not a bad thing — your emotions can guide you forward if you’re brave enough to follow where they lead. Then a full moon in Capricorn on Friday night invites you to be honest with yourself about whether you’re on the right path. Are you putting in the work that’ll get you to where you want to be? If not, it isn’t too late to start. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign, below.

Right now, trust is everything — you’ll find it harder than ever to work alongside, or even have fun with, people you don’t feel you can count on. It works in reverse too: Others need to be able to count on you. It’ll become apparent where trust has frayed, where it’s eroded completely, where it was never there to begin with. Sometimes, the damage is too great to fix, and you’re allowed to be honest about that. In some cases, repair is possible. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth doing, and this week is a perfect time to start.

You’re not often wrong about people. At least, not when it comes to the things that really matter. Your instincts tend to be spot-on, and when you second-guess them, you usually end up regretting it. This week, though, your first impressions may be undeservedly harsh — maybe because you’ve been hurt recently and don’t want it to happen again, maybe because you’re simply having a bad day. If you give people the opportunity to prove you wrong and stay open to changing your mind, you might find comfort, friendship, even love where you didn’t expect it.

Lots of people strike you as rigid. Once they make up their mind about someone, they can’t be swayed. When they come to a decision, they don’t waver (even if they’d probably benefit from reassessing). You prefer to keep your mind and options open — not because you’re capricious or disloyal, but because the world is constantly changing and you want to be able to change with it. Sometimes, though, staying on the move becomes more stressful and tiring than it’s worth. This week, see what it feels like to stay in one place, at least temporarily. Find somewhere soft where you can rest.

Making mistakes isn’t something to be ashamed of — everyone does it. It’s part of being human. The more you fixate on all that you got wrong in the past, the harder it becomes to trust yourself in the present. Self-reflection is important, of course, but at a certain point, it’s time to stop analyzing every tiny decision. If your confidence has taken a beating lately, this week is the time to rebuild it. You have good judgment, and you’re wiser than you give yourself credit for. Don’t be so scared of living your life.

As much as you know that change is inevitable, there’s a part of you that would prefer to avoid it at all costs. Staying still is easy in the day-to-day, even if it is unrewarding in the long term. Growth, on the other hand, is painful; it demands so much of you. This week, you’ll see glimmers of how wonderful it can be, too. Beautiful things are waiting for you up ahead, but you have to make it through the weird, long days, the uncomfortable conversations, and the difficult choices first. You’ll get there soon enough, as long as you don’t stop trying.

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s when people blame others for their own mistakes. You’re much more likely to blame yourself for everyone else’s actions, for issues that aren’t your fault at all. There’s satisfaction in taking responsibility: If you have the power to cause a problem, then you also have the power to fix it. But this week, you’ll burn out quickly if you take the weight of the world on your shoulders alone. Act like you’re part of a community. When there’s work to be done, share it evenly, and then you can share the joy, too.

As much as you like to be noticed and appreciated, attracting too much attention can be stressful. You’d rather play your own role in the group than stand alone; would rather feel at home in the crowd than at odds with it. But sometimes staying true to yourself, your desires, and your ideals means you have to go against the grain. Don’t be scared to stake out an unpopular position, or to do things differently than everybody else this week. Be willing to stand out: Your friends and community will be more supportive than you think.

Lately, you’ve been tired of your life, your personality, your self. Your usual emotional patterns and relationship dynamics aren’t working, and you’re ready for something fresh. It’s possible to get what you want, but in order to feel differently, you have to act differently. The universe probably won’t swoop in to change your life for you, but you can do the work yourself. Give yourself a change of scenery, or make a point of spending time with new people. The more you can shake up your environment, the more you’ll illuminate beautiful new sides of yourself.

You’re generous by nature, with others as well as yourself, but lately, you’ve become your own harshest critic. Nothing you do seems good enough, and you believe that you only have yourself to blame. Unvarnished honesty can be useful — it can shake you out of complacency and spur you to do the hard work life sometimes demands — but at a certain point, you’re only being cruel. Balance is key. Don’t avoid facing your difficult traits, but don’t make them out to be worse than they really are. The goal is to live courageously and with integrity, to keep growing, not to arrive at a state of perfection.

If you could have it your way, you’d do all your inner work and healing in total secrecy, never letting anybody else see the messy process. You’d figure out your emotions before talking about them with anybody else; you’d fix your flaws without any help or support. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Sure, some of the work is solitary, but some of it can only be done alongside others. Don’t be scared to let people in. Vulnerability is scary, but it’ll be good for you in the end.

When you’re dissatisfied with your life, you have a tendency to want to throw it all out and start from scratch — to quit your job, end relationships, leave your city and begin again with a clean slate. Sometimes, drastic action is necessary. But if you try that this week you’ll only make things harder than they need to be. Lean on what is working, instead of fixating on what’s not. There’s comfort and stability to be found in the familiar. Once you’re more steady on your feet, you can make wild decisions again; for now, try to appreciate calm where you can find it.

It can be a struggle to make your voice heard. Other people seem so much louder, so much more insistent, so good at getting what they want. While your words carry more weight than you realize, you still feel you need to fight being talked over and disregarded. But the noise around you subsides a bit this week, and you’ll find that it’s easier to get the care and attention you need. You won’t have to shout and raise a fuss to be heard. Your energy is magnetic this week. Make the most of it.

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