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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 23–29

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of June 23–29

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Saturn, which has been in Pisces since early last year, is slowing down all this week in preparation to station retrograde on Saturday afternoon. When the planet of discipline and authority starts moving backward, it can feel like there’s nobody around to enforce the rules, like your parents are distracted or the teacher has left the room. This can be freeing but the lack of structure can also get stressful, so use this retrograde (it ends November 15) to reflect on which responsibilities you’re willing to take on. We all need boundaries. Decide what you want yours to look like. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign below.

You tend to feel happiest and most like yourself when you’re initiating a project, embarking on a journey, or taking a leap into the unknown. In these moments of beginning, life feels hopeful and full of possibility; the whole world is open to you. Anything might happen. But sometimes, even when the thrill of a new adventure is what you want, it’s not what you need. You might find more satisfaction if you focus on something that’s already in the works this week. You might even be happier if you simply give yourself time to rest.

You understand that no person is just one thing. Human beings are complex creatures; nobody’s all good or all bad. Cruelty and generosity can exist side by side in the same person, as can wisdom and ignorance. At least, you want to believe all this. Lately, it has been easy to get caught up in binary thinking, to classify those around you as good or bad, friend or foe. This can offer you a comforting sense of order, but it prevents you from seeing people for who they really are. Stay open this week: Don’t put anyone on a pedestal, and don’t write anyone off, either. Let everyone (yourself included) be complicated.

You hate it when others tell you what you’re “supposed” to think about an issue, how you “should” feel about another person. Your thoughts and opinions are your own, and you refuse to be bullied into falling in line. This independent streak of yours might lead to conflict with people in your life — especially at your job — this week. The more you stay true to yourself, the more others seem to become frustrated, but it isn’t your duty to roll over or play nice. Sure, there can be consequences to speaking your mind, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it.

Risk-taking doesn’t always come naturally to you. You’re too aware of everything that could go wrong, of all you have to lose if you fail. You’ll still set ambitious goals for yourself, but your strategies for achieving them tend to be on the safe side. Just be careful not to veer into timidity. You may not always choose to move boldly, but you’re more than capable of doing so. Take a risk or two this week as a reminder of how much courage you possess. Don’t underestimate yourself.

The temptation to compare yourself to the people around you is strong. How else are you supposed to understand your place in the world? But right now, it seems as if everyone is achieving much more than you are: The people in your circle keep finding success, and the ones on social media all seem to have such beautiful lives. You worry that you’re falling behind. Fortunately, your anxiety is likely to ease up this week. Maybe you’ll experience exciting developments of your own, or maybe you’ll simply remember how little it matters what anyone else is doing. You’re living your life, not theirs, and that’s enough.

It’s hard feeling like you’re letting down the people in your life. You work hard to do right by those you love, to be generous with your time and energy. Still, try to remember that disappointing people isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it could mean you’re acting selfishly, but it could also mean other people’s expectations of you are unreasonable. You can be a good friend and a valuable part of your community without constantly being at everyone’s beck and call. Your life is your own, and you’re allowed to say “no.”

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work, your problems seem insurmountable. There’s too much for you to do with too little time and support. You keep moving forward, but it’s hard to imagine a way to the other side of all this stress. And then, unexpectedly, the pressure eases. The hard work isn’t done, but your faith in yourself will return this week, and that will make all the difference. You have been through worse than this before, and you’re not intimidated. Even if others underestimate you, you’re done underestimating yourself.

Lately, you have been trying to keep the chaos at bay by imposing strict order on your daily life. You imagine you can maintain a bubble of peace in a disorganized world if only you can keep your routines running smoothly, precisely manage your schedule, and tend to your to-do list with careful attention. But it’s not sustainable in the long term. Nobody’s perfect, and even if you were, other people have a way of intruding on our plans. May as well expect the unexpected. Leave yourself room to play, to dream, to make mistakes.

Nobody stays exactly the same over the course of a lifetime. We all grow and change; new environments we enter and new people we meet illuminate different sides of who we are. This week, parts of yourself you thought you outgrew, or even thought might be lost to you forever, may begin to reemerge. Feelings you have suppressed or forgotten return to you. Dreams you gave up on call out to you once more. If you need a second chance, you just may get one. You’re older and wiser now, and this time around, things could be different.

Fear is a totally reasonable response to the world around you. Everywhere you look, you see suffering and misfortune, people treating one another badly. Maybe you’re concerned about the future, or maybe you’re worried about your life right now — either way, it’s hard to be optimistic. This week, try to put your fear to the side. At a certain point, it stops keeping you safe and starts holding you back. The worst-case scenario isn’t preordained. It takes courage to live like something better is possible, but you’ve got plenty of it so call on it now.

People keep advising you to be straightforward about your needs and expectations, but it’s hard to be open about what you want when you aren’t even sure what that is. If you knew what you wanted, you would fight for it. But as it stands, all you have are doubts. Your challenge this week is to move forward anyway, knowing that your plans and desires may change. Nobody else expects you to have the whole future mapped out, so stop expecting yourself to know everything. You’re allowed to change your mind. That isn’t failure; it’s just life.

You’re not one to stir up trouble just for the sake of it — you prefer to keep the peace as much as you can. But sometimes, living authentically and with integrity means having to break social rules; you may have to disappoint the people in your life, deviate from what’s expected of you, or fight your internalized ideas about what you “should” do. This week is a good chance for you to surprise people, to choose the less-traveled path, to live the life you really want, even when it’s difficult.

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