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Motorsport cult hero Bev Brock dead at age 77

Bev Brock, the former long-term partner of Australian motorsport icon Peter Brock, has died at the age of 77.

The Brock family has confirmed the tragic news, which comes two years after the popular motorsport figure was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

“Bev was a dedicated parent, always making time to make a costume for plays or help out on a school camp,” her son, James Brock, wrote on Facebook.

“She dedicated her life to helping Peter’s racing career taking on multiple roles, all met with skill, smarts and purpose.”

The Herald Sun reports she died at her Melbourne home on Sunday morning.

Bev and Peter were together for almost three decades before they split in 2005.

They had two children together, daughter Alexandra and son and Robert.

Bev also had son James, with her first husband James McIntosh.

Australian motor racing great Peter Brock with his then wife Bev. AFP PHOTO/John MORRISSource: Supplied

Peter and Bev’s 28-year relationship ended in 2005, with Brock engaged to Julie Bamford when he died after crashing in a rally in Perth the following year.

Bev was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia and was a high profile figure in Australian motorsport.

She wrote two books about her ex partner as well as an autobiography about their private life.

The pair never married but she took the Supercars legend’s name through deed poll.

Bamford revealed in recent years her relationship with Peter Brock began well before Bev and Peter went their separate ways.

She said she and Peter had plans to get married before his tragic death.

Bev said she would have given her blessing should Bamford and her former partner decided to have got married.

Bev wrote in her tell-all 2014 book Life to the Limit she was aware of the King of the Mountain’s infidelities, but has repeatedly said her years with Brock were the most “amazing” of her life.

Driver Peter Brock and his wife Bev at the 1997 F1 Australian Grand Prix Ball.Source: News Corp Australia

“He was such a complex, enigmatic figure. The public believed they knew him and they did, they knew that aspect of him. He was totally committed to being the best that he could at any point in time,” Ms Brock said.

To me, I see the human side of him, the vulnerable side, the side that wasn’t so much the public figure. I saw a side that really was very private. He didn’t like anybody to see inside.”

She also previously said she had made her peace with her former partner’s decision to move on with his life.

“People end up bitter and twisted,” she said.

“But you sit here and think, ‘Why, when you shared this amazing journey and it’s been so fantastic’?

“I guess for me, I know that I couldn’t have done any more, so I don’t have any self-doubts about it (the relationship, which, for the record, she says she ended).

“Above all else I loved the guy enough to want to see him very happy … I had always expected us to be together for life, but you know you get on with it, you deal with the pain and you say, ‘OK, life takes another direction here’.

“I’m not saying it was easy, but at the time it’s what he had to do. So you say, ‘Go for it’.”

Bev and Bamford were involved in a tragically messy situation surrounding the nine-time Bathurst 1000 winner’s small fortune.

Peter Brock had three separate wills at the time of his death.

The third will prepared in 2006, named Brock’s children as the beneficiaries to his superannuation and shares. That will named Bamford as the beneficiary of the rest of his estate. That will was not signed.

Beverley endured tough times in the legal battles that surrounded the contested will and was forced to leave the house she shared with her former partner.

Despite this, she always spoke with class when asked to comment about her former partner.