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New Aussie-first wellness treatment opens in Perth

It may look like something straight from the set of Aliens.

But according to husband and wife Maya and Brett Horth, this Australian-first technology is helping improve people’s well-being by helping them enter a state of half-sleep.

Element Health and Wellness Centre has opened in Claremont, offering an array of treatments to boost mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

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Amongst the therapies available is Australia’s first theta chamber, designed to induce a person’s brainwave activity into a wavelength scientifically referred to as the “theta state”.

“Theta is the state of relaxation we all know as that drowsy, abstract sensation we feel as we’re falling asleep,” Mrs Horth said.

Camera IconThe Theta Chamber at Element Health and Wellness Centre. Credit: Supplied

“This allows the brain to take the majority of its focus off of sensory perception and conscious thought and to withdraw into the more profound regions of mental activity that we now know as the bio-magnetic field.

“In this state, ‘reprogramming’ or ‘remapping’ can be achieved.”