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NFL acknowledges “limited” freeze on pay increases – ProFootballTalk

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Despite a full recovery from the pandemic and the advent of unprecedented revenue levels, the NFL is keeping the belt tight.

Amid widespread chatter of no raises being implemented for league employees, the NFL has acknowledged a freeze in pay. The league says it is “limited to executives at a certain level.”

The league has declined to provide any further details.

When the pandemic began, the league eventually imposed layoffs. It becomes delicate, to say the least, to persuade employees who suffered through the bad times to not share in the good times, and by all appearances things are currently very good for the NFL.

On one hand, the NFL didn’t become so successful by giving money away. On the other hand, employees tend to expect periodic increases in their pay, if only to keep pace with the cost of living.

Again, the league calls it limited. But that could make it even more troublesome for the affected employees, since they may be confused as to how some qualified for raises and others didn’t.