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Non-binary activist Deni Todorovic fined for vandalising ex-partner’s house

Controversial non-binary activist Deni Todorovic has been fined after the influencer vandalised the front fence of their former partner’s home.

According to NCA Newswire, Todorovic did not appear in Burwood Local Court on Monday, where they were convicted in their absence for using a black permanent marker to graffiti a fence owned by their former partner Mitchell Latham.

The couple publicly confirmed their relationship in an Instagram video during Sydney’s Mardi Gras celebrations in March.

“You have been some of the best five weeks of love, I have had the honour of experiencing in my 35 short laps around the sun,” Todorovic captioned an Instagram post the following month.

However, after around two months of dating the court documents state Mr Latham chose to end the relationship on May 12.

Five days later, Mr Latham returned home to find their white picket fence defaced and a bright pink handbag containing Todorovic’s belongings hanging on the front door.

The agreed facts show one message read: “Call me by ur name + I’ll call you myne”.

The victim recognised the quote as something Todorovic said often during their relationship and contacted police.

Todorovic pleaded guilty to intentionally marking the home in Sydney’s inner west without consent earlier this year and was fined $550 by Magistrate Lisa Stapleton.

The vandalism incident occurred in the midst of a tumultuous period for the onetime Seafolly ambassador during Australian Fashion Week.

The Geelong-born activist missed their flight and told the Daily Telegraph he was “almost arrested” at Melbourne Airport after a dispute with Jetstar over excess baggage fees en route to Sydney for the exclusive event.

When they did finally arrive in Sydney for fashion week, they soon courted controversy for allegedly flashing their genitals at a group of journalists.

In a separate incident, Todorovic was escorted to the curb by security after attempting to attend a fashion show held by Nadia Bartel without an invite.

In August, the influencer appeared at Sydney Downing Centre Court to fight two other charges relate to a separate incident of destroying private property.

The influencer reportedly smashed the windscreen of a car and destroyed property inside a Sydney hotel, but the charges were dismissed on mental health grounds.