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‘So grateful’: Aussie’s NFL dream a reality

Patrick Murtagh says the loss of his father three years ago inspired his NFL dream which has become a reality after the former Gold Coast Suns AFL player signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Murtagh, who spent three years on the list at the Suns without playing an AFL games, has joined the Jaguars through the NFL’s International Pathway Program.

The 24-year-old joins a growing list of non-punting Australians in the NFL having impressed scouts as a tight-end and he will join the Jaguars through training camp ahead of the 2024-25 season.

Even if he doesn’t make the final 53-player roster, he can be carried as an extra “developmental” player on the practice squad.

After signing with the Jaguars, Murtagh said his father, who passed away three years ago, and delivering a “paycheck” for his mother were his inspiration to chase his NFL dream.

“Three years ago we lost dad, so seeing mum on her own trying to battle away looking after my sister and me is very empowering,” he said.

“I want to give back to her and give her the life she deserves, knowing everything I do is making her proud and my dad proud.

“Every day I rock up to training with a smile on my face be because I’m grateful for the opportunity I have. It comes with a great paycheck as well, so knowing that can help set up my mum as well and give her the life she deserves she can relax and get us back on track after we lost dad.

“I’m very grateful to be here.”

Murtagh, a national level decathlete in Australia and a Queensland state champion in high school – initially participated in an international scouting combine in London, then was among 12 prospects who participated in a 10-week training camp at IMG Academy in Florida.

He also spent some time with the Lions last offseason before leaving with a medical issue. He participated in a scouting combine in London and trained at IMG Academy in Florida coming to the attention of NFL scouts.