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South Australia Tourism wants you to stop calling Adelaide ‘RADelaide’

And it’s a little bit SADelaide.

The City That Never Sleeps. The Windy City. The Big Apple. The City of Angels. Sin City. The City of Love. The Eternal City. I don’t know about you, but city nicknames are one of my favourite things about travelling. Not only are they fun to say but they also tell you something about the city. They perfectly encapsulate what that city is about in a simple name. Also, great to know for trivia. Do you know which city is nicknamed the Pink City? No? Case in point. 

Alas, what joy we get from city nicknames is being taken away from us. Well, at least when it comes to South Australia’s capital, Adelaide. Or should I say, RADadelaide. South Australia Tourism has asked the media not to use nicknames to describe its capital city, aka The City of Churches, when writing about the AFL Gather Round taking place this weekend. RADelaide and the City of Churches are the two names South Australia Tourism is referring to. It instead wants the media to focus on the state’s wineries, festivals and nature. 

Now, where’s the fun in that? Of course, we’re not disputing the incredible wineries, festivals and nature Adelaide and South Australia has to offer, it’s bountiful in that regard, but perhaps it’s running low on some light-hearted fun. 

SA Premier Peter Malinauskas told radio station 3AW that as long as everyone enjoyed themselves, “people can call us whatever they like.”

This may be the most millennial thing about me, but who doesn’t want to be known as rad? 

Adelaide will always be ‘RADelaide’ in our hearts. 

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