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Syracuse football: Orange have a monumental weekend of official visits ahead

A lot has changed in the week and change since Fran Brown was announced as the head coach of the Syracuse Orange. The new man in charge has also ushered some new coaches, new staff and now of course, new recruits. Brown was known as an ace recruiter, as is his new defensive coordinator, Elijah Robinson, so it’s no surprise that the pair are immediately hitting it hard and have a budding list of offers as well as official visits starting to pop up.

(Ed. note: It became official that Khalil Ahmad is returning to Syracuse from Penn State to add even more recruiting firepower to the staff)

These targets are a mix of folks that the new staff has been working with in their previous stops at Georgia and Texas A&M, as well as some transfers that they had been working with previously. They also will need to reevaluate and retain those recruits committed under the Babers tenure that they feel can fit their new system and roster needs. One overlooked part of this process in the world of transfer portal shenanigans is the fact that Brown had to re-recruit his entire team. During an interview last week it was mentioned that he had planned to have sit downs with every member of the team by early this week to work on that process.

This weekend however, the official visits start in earnest. There have been at least six that have been publicly announced via recruits social media or otherwise confirmed to be heading to campus, including the following:

  • Koy Beasley, DB, 4-Star Purdue Commit
  • Emanuel Ross, WR, 4-Star Stanford Commit
  • KingJoseph Edwards, Edge, 4-Star Uncommitted
  • Marcellus Barnes Jr., CB, 4-Star Uncommitted
  • Jaylan Hornsby, WR, 3-Star Uncommitted
  • Yasin Willis, RB, 3-Star Pitt Commit
  • Josh Philostin, CB, 3-Star Indiana Commit
  • Whit Muschamp, QB, 3-Star Vanderbilt Commit
  • Cole Snyder, QB, 3-Star Buffalo Transfer (former Rutgers)

There has been an ever-increasing flurry of activity on this front over the last week, so if I missed anyone, apologies and we’ll continue to update if new information has come in. In the meantime, you can see Coach Fran is already busy hitting up New Jersey:

The Orange also has seen a limited number of decommits over the course of the coaching change. Always understandable, as part of what you are committing to with a school is the personnel you’re working with. At this point, the brothers Trashon and Tavon Dye, as well as Zekai Wimberly and Clinton Robinson have announced that they will be re-opening their recruitment.

Also for reference, I’ve thrown together a spreadsheet, because why not. I will continue to update it as we see more info come in, but rankings listed are based off 247sports.com recruiting composites from when the player was a recruit. I still need to find a good way to differentiate, but this also includes players who have entered the portal from staff’s previous schools, who have a positional or recruiting tie to the new staff (i.e. defensive linemen transferring from TAMU).

Possible Syracuse Targets

Recruit Grade Class Position Composite Notes Coach
Recruit Grade Class Position Composite Notes Coach
Walter Nolen 0.9997 2024T DL 5 TAMU Transfer Brown
LT Overton 0.9824 2024T DL 5 TAMU Transfer Brown
Chase Bisontis 0.9789 2024T IOL 4 TAMU Transfer Brown
Nyland Green 0.9682 2024T CB 5 UGA Transfer Brown
Jaelyne Matthews 0.9552 2025 OT 4 Brown
Ethan Utley 0.9525 2025 DL 4 Brown
Max Granville 0.9483 2025 EDGE 4 Brown
Koy Beasley 0.9464 2024 DB 4 OV 12/8
Purdue Commit
Fadil Diggs 0.9321 2024T EDGE 4 TAMU Transfer Brown
Kevyn Humes 0.9085 2025 CB 4 Brown
Emanuel Ross 0.9038 2024 WR 4 OV 12/8
Stanford Commit
KingJoseph Edwards 0.9017 2024 EDGE 4 OV 12/8 Brown
Landon Rink 0.9016 2025 DL 4 Brown
Jamie Tremble 0.9010 2024 TE 4 Babers Offer
Marcellus Barnes 0.8968 2024 CB 4 OV 12/8 Brown
Carlon Jones 0.8934 2024 DE 4 Brown
Jaylan Hornsby 0.8892 2024 WR 3 OV 12/8 Brown
Yasin Willis 0.8885 2024 RB 3 OV 12/8
Pitt Commit
Josh Philostin 0.8869 2024 CB 3 OV 12/8
Indiana Commit
Jackson Meeks 0.8715 2024T WR 3 UGA Transfer Brown
Alan Herron 0.8700 2024T OT 3 Shorter Transfer Brown
Jakhari Williams 0.8696 2024 QB 3 Babers Offer
Elijah Washington 0.8678 2024 TE 3 Babers Offer
Ta’Ron Haile 0.8643 2024 WR 3 Babers Offer
Jaden Hart 0.8643 2024 RB 3 Babers Offer
Whit Muschamp 0.8614 2024 QB 3 OV 12/8
Vandy Commit
Ja’Meer Thomas 0.8600 2024 WR 3 86 From 247 Babers Offer
David McMorris 0.8588 2024 EDGE 3 Babers Offer
Willie Goodacre 0.8557 2024 IOL 3 Babers Offer
Jayden Brown 0.8528 2024 LB 3 Babers Offer
Noah Rosahac 0.8520 2024 OT 3 Babers Offer
Tristen Graham 0.8483 2024 EDGE 3 Babers Offer
Michael Matthew-Canty 0.8482 2024 LB 3 Babers Offer
Trashon Dye 0.8474 2024 RB 3 Decommit Babers Offer
Clinton Robinson 0.8474 2024 S 3 Decommit Babers Offer
Matthew Stenbroten 0.8412 2024 LB 3 Babers Offer
Travon Dye 0.8316 2024 EDGE 3 Decommit Babers Offer
Cole Snyder 0.8311 2024T QB 3 OV 12/8
Buffalo/Rutgers Transfer
Braheem Long 0.8307 2024 CB 3 Babers Offer
Micaiah Overton 0.7782 2024T DL 3 TAMU Transfer Brown
Kayden Bennett 0.0000 2026 EDGE Brown
Ethan Robinson 0.0000 2024T CB Bucknell Transfer Brown

All possible linked targets for Syracuse football at present under Fran Brown