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Tammy’s booty transformation divides fans

The woman behind one of Australia’s biggest fitness empires has divided social media after posting a before-and-after photo.

Tammy Hembrow, who celebrated her engagement in December 2023 to reality TV star Matt Zukowski, took to Instagram last week to share her transformation.

She was promoting her eight-week tone and shred challenge which begins on January 15 as the “silly season was officially over”.

She shared a before and after photo of her booty, sharing how she sculpted her glutes through things such as lifting weights.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a challenge to start as I am right now,” she captioned the post.

“When I tell you I NEEEED this challenge. Like I am craving it. After indulging way too much and having a little too much time off I am soo ready to see some major results.”

However, while some congratulated the mother-of-three on her incredible transformation others became indignant at the post.

“That is years of training not an eight-week program,” one social media user wrote.

“Y’all need to start disclosing that so people don’t think they’re gunna have a dumper in 8 weeks, you look great but I think this gives girls a lot of false hope they’re going to look like that in that short amount of time.”

Another asked: “Don’t you have other pictures of before your body now? That’s the only picture you have ever shown us of before.”

Meanwhile, others suggested that the vast difference between the two photos involved more than hard work and could also be attributed to the choice in bikini bottoms, the pose and the camera quality.

Many rushed in to defend the fitness influencer, with one saying there were so many “hating a** women” in the comments section.

“Y’all must be new here cuz she’s been one of the earliest gym model junkie and has become the standard for most, don’t discredit around here,” another said.

Others wrote “there is hope for me” and it “inspires me so much to continue killing it in my fitness journey”.