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Tee Higgins reveals his top 5 WRs in the NFL

Cincinnati Bengals wideout Tee Higgins made the media rounds recently.

Discussions ranged all over the place, from Higgins discussing wanting to stay with the Bengals long-term to something like Higgins ranking his top five wideouts in the league right now.

That top wideouts list from Higgins is pretty interesting at least, as captured by The Score’s Jordan Schultz:

  • Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders
  • Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills
  • Ja’Marr Chase, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Tyreek Hill, Miami Dolphins
  • DeAndre Hopkins, Arizona Cardinals

Most onlookers would probably have a problem finding fault with Higgins’ list even though it rightfully includes one of his own teammates.

Based on some of the silly trade rumors Duke Tobin himself had to shoot down, most teams might consider Higgins not far behind on this sort of list, too.