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The next Baby Reindeer or Beef could come from Australia, if only producers were brave enough

Netflix’s Baby Reindeer was a global hit and its overwhelming popularity came as a surprise to many in the industry.

Award-winning Australian showrunner, writer and director Tony Ayres (Clickbait, Stateless, Fires) says he wouldn’t have necessarily even expected the series to be a hit in the UK, where it originated, let alone the rest of the world.

He says the success of shows like Baby Reindeer, The Bear and Beef demonstrate that the TV industry needs to take risks to appeal to audiences.

“None of those shows on paper look like sure-fire global hits,” Ayres told ABC News.

“A chef having a nervous breakdown and having to go and make beef sandwiches.

“A road rage incident between two Asians.

“A guy getting stalked and a story of male sexual assault… you do have to be courageous. And that’s where the surprise hits come from.”

Tony Ayres says Baby Reindeer, The Bear and Beef don’t sound like sure-fire hits on paper, but they have been global success stories.(Supplied: Tony Ayres productions)

Ayres is the the founder and executive producer of Tony Ayres Productions, a founding member of Matchbox Pictures and the co-chair of Future Vision – an inaugural global television summit that will be held in Melbourne in July.

Headline guests include Emmy award-winning creator, writer, executive producer and director of Beef Lee Sung Jin; Co-showrunner, executive producer and director of the Emmy award-winning series The Bear Joanna Calo, who has also written on Hacks and BoJack Horseman and the award-winning co-chair Bruna Papandrea (Big Little Lies, The Undoing, The Dry, Nine Perfect Strangers).

Lee Sung Jin, an Asian man dressed in a tux, holding up a Golden Globe, reading glasses, a full head of hair

Lee Sung Jin with his Golden Globes win for Beef, which is also an Emmy-award-winning series.(Supplied)

“There are Australian shows that are cutting through and there always have been, and so I think we have to remember that,” Ayres says, pointing to Colin From Accounts as an example.

“I think that Future Vision is really aimed at sort of trying to fertilise the soil that allows us to make more of those kinds of shows, and to try to encourage the bravery and the passion that allows something like a Baby Reindeer, or a Beef or The Bear to actually happen.

“You are taking as much of a chance following an algorithmic formula as you are taking a risk on a unique voice with something unique to say, that gives an audience a particular experience.”

‘It’s all about risk’

Actor and director Daina Reid (The Handmaid’s Tale, Run Rabbit Run) will be a moderator and speaker at Future Vision and says “it’s all about risk”.

“Ironically, being the most unique will connect with more people,” Reid told ABC News.

“We want to connect. And we also want to understand ourselves by seeing what someone else went through.”

Daina Reid, Elisabeth Moss and Michelle MacLaren sitting down in black and white pic, leaning forward, hands clasped, smiling

Daina Reid, Elisabeth Moss and Michelle MacLaren on the set of Shining Girls.(Supplied)

The theme of Future Vision is courage, with Reid saying the temptation in a contracted industry is to play it safe and try to appeal to everyone, but successful shows are often unique and particular.

“Anything that breaks through and not just in our business, pretty much in any business, you take a risk and you hit it and you change the way things then follow.”