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The one state Aussies are fleeing in droves

Aussies continue to pack up and ship out of New South Wales for other Australian states, new data reveals.

Migration data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released this week shows every day 320 people leave NSW for another state or territory.

For the year to September, 116,946 people left to go interstate and 83,744 arrived.

Queensland welcomed about 110,000 interstate movers during the same period – while losing about 77,000 – on trend with the movement of people for the past 40 years.

Western Australia was the only other state or territory to record a net positive internal migration figure.

NSW did receive the most migrants from overseas however, gaining about 262,000, and losing about 75,000.

The data shows Australians are moving to Queensland and WA given the chance.

WA lost about 26,000 people to other states but gained about 37,000.

In terms of total overall losses, Victoria lost about 1100, South Australia lost about 1000, Tasmania has about 3000 fewer people, the Northern Territory lost about 3600 to other states and territories, and the ACT lost about 1800 people.

Overall Australia’s population increased 2.5 per cent in the 12 months to September, to 26,821,557.

The data shows the fastest growing age cohort continues to be Australians between 75 and 79 years old.

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