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Think you know this week’s news? Answer these 10 questions

Welcome to our weekly Friday news quiz.

Have you been paying attention this week? Test your knowledge across politics, business and world news.

  1. What set an Australian record when it sold for $10 million in Sydney this week?
  2. Which country is expected to join AUKUS, the nuclear-powered submarine alliance, with Australia, the US and the UK?
  3. The government has just appointed former defence chief Mark Binskin to do what?
  4. According to a forecast by Oxford Economics Australia, Sydney’s median house price will hit $2 million by when? A) 2025; B) 2026; C) 2027.
  5. Australian start-up Alta Group has just debuted on the New York Stock Exchange. It offers a 20-week training program for novices of which sport?
  6. Ride-sharing company Ola is pulling out of Australia. Name the two remaining ride-share operators in Australia (not including traditional cabs).
  7. The navy’s Vice Admiral David Johnston will become the new chief of the Australian Defence Force in July. What are the equivalent ranks of vice admiral for the army and air force?
  8. Investors owed money by Jon Adgemis’ hospitality empire tipped a company that owns the publican’s what into receivership?
  9. Who warned Donald Trump that he will fail to “make America great again” if he lets Ukraine fall into the hands of Vladimir Putin?
  10. A Boeing engineer has claimed that sections of the 787 Dreamliner could break apart mid-flight after thousands of trips. Which other aircraft has been a source of recent woes for the company?

  1. The sale of the foal of champion Australian racehorse Winx, setting a record price paid for a thoroughbred yearling.
  2. Japan.
  3. Advise on Israel’s investigation into an IDF airstrike in Gaza that killed Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom and six colleagues.
  4. 2027.
  5. Mixed martial arts.
  6. Uber and DiDi.
  7. Lieutenant general (army) and air marshal (air force).
  8. His luxury yacht.
  9. Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson.
  10. 737 Max.