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This Heavy-Duty Australian Travel Trailer Hides a Flawless and Family-Oriented Interior

One of the wildest habitable places on our planet is the land down under, or Australia, for the rest of us. With that in mind, it makes a whole lot of sense to find some of the world’s most capable and wild RVs and travel trailers roaming about the land. One such machine is Fantasy Caravan’s GT Series camper, an off-road and off-grid-ready machine capable of keeping you alive when and where everything else is out to get you, including Mother Nature.

Folks, the name Fantasy Caravan is bound to sound familiar, especially since I’ve been covering their works extensively over the past couple of months. Why? Well, mainly because the world they bring to the camper industry is worthy of your time and attention. But the GT is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing from this crew. If you’ve spotted the other works from Fantasy, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then this next piece is sure to open your eyes a little.

Now, most of the Fantasy machines we’ve shed light on include two different styles, either pop-top campers or lightweight caravans or camper trailers with fixed walls. The GT belongs to the latter category but with no inclination whatsoever toward being light; this one’s all about capability more than anything else.

The downside to this unit is the fact that the manufacturer makes absolutely no mention of what’s in store here. Still, we can always use the images gallery and our know-how to deduce what’s in store here, and to do that; let’s begin with this bugger’s exterior.

Photo: Fantasy Caravan

Starting with the base frame that we can see, it has to be nothing more than good old steel, but it’s not clear if it’s been galvanized under that coat of paint or if we’re looking at a coating of element-proof goodies. What is clear about the chassis is the suspension system.

One of the images in the gallery gives us a sneak peek at this puppy’s undercarriage, and by the looks of things, a trailing arm suspension is in place with two shocks per axle. Yes, it’s an independent setup and even includes airbags, so auto-leveling is clearly part of the package here. Oh, and that’s what you’ll find for each wheel.

Moving up the GT, we arrive at the bodywork. Right from the start, we can deduce that an aluminum exterior skin shapes the living space of this trailer, and at the front, a large storage bay filled with systems and space for extras also looks to be composed of alloy. A matte coating and diamond plating are meant to protect this section from any oncoming debris. The A-frame may also be suitable for a bike rack or other toys; the rear showcases a spare tire mount.

GT Series

Photo: Fantasy Caravan

Before we head inside, I want to point out that the GT’s shell is tattered with several hatches that offer more storage space. Since Australians really love their outdoor lifestyle, one or two of these hatches could very well be hiding an outdoor galley and another, quite possibly, an outdoor shower hookup.

Now, the exterior, as cool and capable as it may be, it’s the interior of the GT that really made me feel that it may be worthy of your attention. Why? Well, just take a look at it; it’s got this whole European-style design going for it, and it just looks downright amazing and clean-cut.

Inside, guests will have access to not one, not two, but three sleeping areas made up of one large bed sitting at one end of the unit, a modular dinette in the center, and a pair of bunk beds at the opposite end. There’s a bathroom here as well, and more storage than my wardrobe at home can offer.

GT Series

Photo: Fantasy Caravan

But it’s the galley that I really fell in love with. From the first moment I saw it, I took note of the massive solid-surface countertops with integrated LED lighting underneath—perfect for letting us unfurl our master chef skills. There’s plenty of storage below, and the country-style deep-bowl sink with high-rise faucet reminds me of home. There’s a traditional oven, a large fridge, and overhead cabinetry with an integrated microwave, too.

All that looks and sounds pretty good, but there’s just one catch to the GT that I still can’t figure out. In my search for a new model, all I could find were units from back in 2023, and very few RV dealerships even advertise a GT. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s website has been showing the words “floorplan coming soon” for some time now, which leads me to believe that the GT may not be available. However, the manufacturer does showcase a price tag of $89,000 Australian or roughly $58,500 American (at current exchange rates).

Or, fingers crossed, Fantasy Caravan is currently working on refining and spicing up this unit to standards that can compete with countless other Australian units that look and may perform the same. Time will tell.