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Three secluded Aussie spots make World’s 50 Best Beaches list

Three Australian beaches you may have never heard of have been named among the best in the world.

Turquoise Bay in Western Australia is ranked sixth, Anchor Bay Beach on Queensland’s Lizard Island has come in at number 20, and Wharton Beach, also in WA, is number 33 on the newly released 2024 ‘World’s 50 Best Beaches’ list.

The annual list, which is sponsored by Banana Boat, is said to be voted on by more than 1000 travel professionals, including top travel influencers and journalists.

The beaches are ranked according to eight criteria: unique characteristics, wildlife, untouched, soundtrack of nature, easy to enter the water, often calm water, not too crowded and frequency of idyllic conditions.

The top five beaches that managed to beat Australia’s Turquoise Bay were Trunk Bay in the US Virgin Islands, Cala Mariolu in Italy, Meads Bay in Anguilla, Entalula Beach in the Philippines, and Voutoumi Beach in Greece.

Turquoise Bay, which is located in Cape Range National Park and with waters part of Ningaloo Reef, gets praise for being “secluded and untouched”.

“Turquoise Bay offers an immersive nature experience that is rare to find elsewhere,” the list states, pointing to its remote location meaning fewer crowds.

Tourism Australia ambassadors Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake only yesterday promoted Ningaloo Reef on their social media after a family trip.

“Ningaloo has long been on my bucky list so when the trip was floated the family had no say in it: we were going,” Foster Blake wrote, sharing her experience swimming with whale sharks.

Blake wrote in his own post: “Swimming with those sharks was truly awe inspiring, and having my little girl next to me on a pool noodle seeing the biggest shark in the ocean and squeezing my hand will stay with me forever.”

More than 2000km away, like Turquoise Bay, WA’s Wharton Beach also made the list for its remote location, crystal-clear turquoise waters and pristine white sands.

“Its isolation ensures it rarely feels crowded, even on perfect summer days, providing a peaceful escape for those seeking solitude,” the list states, which labels the spot a “remarkable gem” with “rugged beauty”.

Sticking with the remote theme, on the other side of the country is Anchor Bay Beach, accessible by small aircraft or private boat.

“The beach boasts soft white sand and crystal-clear waters, yet it’s the prime location on the Great Barrier Reef that truly distinguishes this incredible spot,” the list states.

“Here, unmatched snorkelling and diving opportunities are available right from the shore. Visitors can go from lounging on this world-class beach to exploring vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life within just a few steps into the water.”

The World’s 50 Best Beaches co-founder Tine Holst said they wanted the list to inspire travellers to leave the beaten path to visit the most stunning beaches on earth.