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Tim Paine reflects on Australia’s love for sledging and WCL experience

Tim Paine reflects on Australia’s love for sledging and WCL experience

Former Australian cricketers are currently competing in the World Championship of Legends (WCL) tournament, and Australia has qualified for the playoffs alongside Pakistan, with India and the West Indies also making the cut. 

As the tournament heads into its next phase, Shaun Marsh and Tim Paine spoke to a cricket website about Australian cricket and the WCL experience.

Australia’s reputation for competitiveness and aggression on the field is well-known. The team boasts the most ICC titles, with their latest triumph being the World Cup 2023 in India. Tim Paine explained that sledging often occurs when he gets bored on the field, but assured that it won’t be a part of the WCL. 

Shaun Marsh added that sledging tends to escalate in high-stakes matches, particularly between teams like Australia and India.

“No sledging in this tournament. It’s been very nice. Personally, I just get bored very easily and I just talk a lot. It’s natural. I’m the same on and off the field. So, I’m not normally sledging or being too nasty. I just like to talk and try and interact with the batter and maybe try and distract them if I can by… by talking a bit of rubbish, to be honest. So very rarely is it very pointed or nasty. I just like to try and have a bit of fun. As I said, I get bored and Shaun will probably tell you whether I’m on the bus or in the team room, I tend to be talking and that doesn’t change when I go out on the field,” Paine said.

“Look, I don’t think there’s a hell of a lot of it. You know, a lot of the sledging has gone out of the game. Maybe the big tournaments, Australia, India, things can get heated out in the middle and… You’ll hear a bit of sledging, but there’s not a hell of a lot of it anymore,” Marsh added.

Australia has been dominant in the WCL, winning four out of five games. Their only loss came against Pakistan in their first match, but since then, they have defeated every other team. Their most significant victory was against South Africa, winning by a massive 104-run margin. Australia will face India in the second semifinal on July 12, a match that promises to be thrilling.