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Volkswagen Golf R at the 0-to-150-to-0-MPH Speed Test 2023

From the December 2023 issue of Car and Driver.

0–150–0 mph: 40.2 seconds

Base: $47,405 | As-Tested: $47,405
Power and Weight:
315 hp • 3419 lb • 10.9 lb/hp
Bridgestone Potenza S005, 235/35R-19 91Y +
Brakes, F/R: 14.1-in vented, cross-drilled disc/12.2-in vented disc

After the tricky, tire-frying clutch drops of the Civic and the Elantra, launching the automatic, all-wheel-drive Golf R was as routine as clocking in for your shift at the 150-mph factory. One driver noted, “Put it in Special mode that’s labeled Nürburgring, push on the gas, push on the brake, rev it up, and it goes.” The Golf hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, and a buck-fifty requires 33.3 seconds. Since we were only pointing straight, there was little opportunity to touch the capacitive steering-wheel buttons by accident, so that was nice. The Golf’s brakes gave a little wiggle on one stop but otherwise felt the same every time, essentially duplicating the Civic’s stopping performance and erasing 150 mph in 6.2 seconds.

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True to its origins, the pocket rocket from the land of autobahns felt like it would be happy to stay at 150 mph for as long as we pleased.

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